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He’s Baaack July 1, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

So those of you who have been following this blog for a while know all about Surly Boy, or, well, as much as you really need – or want – to, anyway.  🙄

To briefly summarize.   (And yes, I know, a summary is, by definition, brief.  Unless you’re a lawyer, in which case, I think you get paid by the word.  But I digress.)

Where was I?

OK, the Boy is nearly 21.  Back in January, after 2 years, he swallowed his pride, bit the bullet, sucked it up, and probably several other clichés, and he moved back home.

Fun was had by all.  😯

A few months later, the grass was suddenly greener in his grandparents’ yard.  🙄

Um, that would be the grandparents who used to be (still are, actually) my parents, and whose dust I shook off my feet when I was a teenager.  Um, OK, good luck with that.

I’m so diplomatic, aren’t I?  I COULD have said “those are the crazy people who reared me, and, if you had bothered to ask, I could have told you that they would, in the space of 47 minutes, drive you bat snot nuts and make you want to pull your hair out and stick it back on with duct tape to help hold your head together.”

But I didn’t say that.  I deliberately did not say that.

And I could have said to my parents “this is the kid who, for better or for worse, was reared by, and is a (formerly shorter, now taller) new and improved version of what I was as a teenager, so, well, caveat emptor.”

Nope.  I just stood back and said to all of them, “well, if that’s what you think you want to do . . . “

And it was.  And they did.

Seriously, it was the opportunity for him to pursue the possibility of a career in the family business, and, in a perfect world, he’d have the security of my family to fall back on if he needed anything.

Well, turns out it’s not a perfect world.  🙄

I KNOW.  Who would have guessed, right?  😯

I’d estimate that, round about, oh, 12 minutes after he moved into his grandparents’ house, I started getting complaints.

“Grandma wants me to PEEL WALLPAPER.”  😯

“Surly Boy doesn’t like to do what I ask him to do.”  😥

“Grandpa won’t let me work full time.”  😦

“Surly Boy is never home at night, and we don’t know what he’s doing.”  🙄

“He did . . . “

“She said . . .”

And on and on and on.  It got so I hated answering my cell phone, because it was either my son, with a fresh complaint about my parents (or my sister) (or my brother), or one of my parents with a fresh complaint about my son.

One big happy family, that’s us.  😀

I asked Surly Boy if he’d like to come home for a few days – you know, to “get away from it all.”  🙄

I honestly didn’t think he’d come.

He asked if he could come home permanently.  😯

Actually, semi-permanently.

It seems that one of the drawbacks of hating your mother, moving out and quitting school?  It’s REALLY hard to find a job when the economy goes south.  You know, I’ll bet he’d be a lot better off now if he’d stayed in school and either gone to college or joined the service.

Too bad no one ever suggested those options to him, huh?  🙄

However, he has another option, one that’s FREE and funded by the GOVERNMENT.  😯

I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.  🙄

Job Corps is a federal program administered by and funded through the US Department of Labor.  I don’t know an awful lot about it – the website is (deliberately?) somewhat vague. . .

What I can understand from Surly’s somewhat less-than-clear explanations – he’ll be going to Vermont at the end of July – or beginning of August – to begin training as a welder.  🙄

A welder?  😯

Evidently, if he decides (after a month?  60 days?) that welding is not for him, then he can (maybe) switch programs.  Or if he completes the program, he can pick up another.  It’s all very confusing. . .go figure.

I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.  🙄

But the fact is, while I’d much prefer to see him go to college and get a real education, or join the service and, uh, get a real (different sort of) education, and while I’m very VERY leery about the idea of, well, a government-sponsored institutional situation where the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is providing for MY son’s every need and, uh, (re)educating him. . . it’s what he wants to do, and he’s actually excited about it.

And THAT is something, after all this time.  If he’s actually excited about the idea of, basically, starting a new life, who am I to to rain on his parade?

That, and we can visit him – Vermont’s not all that far.  And they have cheese.  And maple syrup.  AND there’s a B&B in VT that I wouldn’t mind an excuse for visiting.  😉

So . . . we’ll just hope it’s not as horrible as I fear it might be – that this is everything Surly Boy hopes it is, and that he will finally FINALLY start to get his life on track.

**keeping my fingers crossed**



1. judy - July 10, 2009

oh my… brings back such memories! My sun refused to cut his hair for HS graduation (yes, he did graduate somehow through the fog of mj and who know what else) wore hiking boots and split before his party. For the next several years it was stop and start and home and gone again, with the girl friend or not (they later married for 25 years before she declared she as gay) until he landed in east texas working in the oil fields. Got smart really quick, went to community college, got into photography Institute of Denver, won best portfolio and graduated with honors. Has been shoot his camera ever since. The message here is DON’T GIVE UP.

I suppose I could have condensed that but I didn’t so there it is.

hi surly boy. judy

Toy Lady - July 10, 2009

Oh, I know, Jude. And I haven’t given up, not even close.

It just kind of sucks sometimes to sit by and watch him do some of the same stupid things I did as a teenager . . .

And WOW – a photographer! Now THAT is cool. 😀

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