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Monday Musings – 07.06.2009 July 6, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

PhotobucketFortunately, last week’s ice storm didn’t cause too much damage to my lilies – they’re still blossoming.  😀

The foliage is a little worse for wear, and we did lose several buds, but not all of them.

I do love my lilies. They’re just so bright and cheery.  😉

PhotobucketAnd remember that nifty hanging plant I got at the market a few weeks ago?


It’s growing more flowers – flowers just as weirdly cool as before.  😆

PhotobucketPhotobucketWe found this cardinal hangy-thing, too – it’s some sort of metal (probably aluminum or something) colored red and cut into the shape of a cardinal and several rings around it.  It twirls in the wind and is really . . . neat.  🙄

We’ve decided, this year, that cardinals are ultra-cool.   😉

PhotobucketSince the weather’s starting getting warm, but not warm enough to warrant running the air conditioning, the dog has starting spending more time upstairs in the bedroom in front of the fan.

Yeah, I know, it’s a rough life, isn’t it?  🙄

PhotobucketBut since the dog has been spending so much time upstairs in front of the fan, the cat has been spending more time, warily, among the living.  She just wants to be  sure it’s . . . uh, safe, I guess.

It would be unfortunate if, say, a puppy were to take her by surprise, wouldn’t it?  😯

PhotobucketBut I’ve noticed that she does seem to be looking quite a bit slimmer, doesn’t she?  Nowhere near as blobby as she’s been.

I mean, she is looking downright svelte, isn’t she?  😯

And I must say, she’s getting mighty brave – every time the basement door opens, she dashes up into the kitchen.  And if nothing (dog) happens, she just hangs out. . .


PhotobucketSo, with all the rain we’ve gotten lately, I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything in the garden until this weekend.

I picked some peas . . . and thinned some carrots.

Huh.  Picked peas and thinned carrots.  I wonder if that’s how that combination came about.    😯



And while I was picking peas, Peeps was cutting oregano and setting that up to dry.

Again.  🙄

This is the third time so far this summer that’s he’s whacked down the oregano.  It seems that cutting it back just makes it mad.  It comes back . . . with a vengeance.  😯


PhotobucketSo it was quite nice to pick enough peas for . . . one meal.  There’s just something zen about working in the garden, and especially about peas.

You pick and pick, then you wash them, then you just sit and relax.

And shell peas.  It’s so nice and relaxing, sitting in the sun, shelling peas.  Actually, just exactly what I needed right about now.  🙂

PhotobucketPhotobucketYou know what’s funny?   😆

Guys are guys are guys – no matter who, when, or how old.  😆

Once they got the smoking canopy last week, Peeps and Surly Boy just sort of stood around discussing the merits of the smoker and how it works and, I don’t know, guy stuff, I guess.  😯

Although I don’t understand that whole guy language, I do recognize it when I see it.  😆

PhotobucketThere’s not much more to say about this.


Other than, well, Mr. Barky Face got that nickname honestly.  😳


OK, I have a question for our, um, tens of readers.  🙂

As you know, we’ve been participating in a couple of, well, blog events, including Menu Plan Mondays, Fearless Fridays, and, of course, Hobo Tuesdays.

So my question to you, gentle readers, is this.    Would there be any interest in a Dark Side of the Fridge blog event?  It certainly wouldn’t be anything complicated. . . my thought is to keep things just challenging enough to be fun, but I don’t want to be the only one playing. . . it’s no fun to play alone.  😥

So please – I’m still relatively new to this “figuring out what people want” business.  Would YOU tell ME if you’d be interested in showing off your particular cooking-frugality-creativity skills?



Which brings us to another of Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Mondays!  We have a fairly easy this week – we’ve got leftovers from the holiday, plus Peeps is on vacation and will be doing some more smoking.

Monday –  We’ll enjoy some of the leftover BBQ’ed pork from Saturday’s holiday dinner.  For a change of pace, though, we picked up some mustard greens at the market – somehow, after all the mac salad, beans, coleslaw and potato salad, I just feel the need for some dark green vegetables . . . go figure!  😯

Tuesday – It’s the first Tuesday of the month, and we’ll be participating in Thursday Night Smackdown’s Hobo Tuesdays  – this month, we’re to dine on picnic fare, for under $2.50 a serving.  We’ll grab our pic-a-nic baskets and see what we can do.  😀

Wednesday – Peeps is going to begin his current smoke-a-thon!  A few months ago, we picked up several pounds of beef ribs for dirt-cheap – and not  short ribs, either – these ribs haven’t been cut!  They’ll fit on his new smoker, though (I think), and what we don’t eat for dinner (most of it) will later be removed from the bones frozen for something wonderful later.  We’ll also be cooking some baby potatoes and garlic scapes that we managed to score at the market this weekend.

Thursday – One more thing that we scored at the market was a basket of fava beans.  Neither of us has ever had fava beans, and, to be honest, I can’t even think of fava beans now without thinking of Anthony Hopkins.  😯

And while I would be more than happy to enjoy the beans with a “nice chianti,” I’ve got to draw the line at liver – I don’t do liver.  😯

Actually, though, I did find a nice recipe for an Umbrian Fava Bean Stew with fresh fennel (which we also got at the market), chard (I’ve got some in the garden), and best of all, no liver!  😆

Friday –  As usual, Friday is pizza night!  I totally forgot about the roasted artichokes I was going to use last week, so they’ve GOT to go on this week’s pizza – either that, or they’ll have to get thrown out, and I’m NOT throwing them out!  😆

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.  Real ideas that probably don’t revolve around cleaning out the fridge of leftovers so we can fill it with more leftovers.  🙄




1. Mazco34 - July 6, 2009

What would truly make that guy photo even better is if each one had a red cup in their hand.

Or the very least, green bottles.

Toy Lady - July 6, 2009

Oh, I know. But don’t forget, ONE of them is underage. . . 😉

Mazco34 - July 6, 2009

And try to get the other one to ACT his age.

Toy Lady - July 6, 2009

Oh no! I’m not TOUCHING that one! 😯

Peeps - July 6, 2009

Huh. Really nice. You’re never getting any barbecue, dude.

2. sjbraun - July 6, 2009

Hi! Your oregano reminds me of my parsley – NOTHING will kill it! Your peas look great, as do your flowers. Re. the blog carnival … I am pretty filled up with them already, but I would probably participate sometimes (I have my own carnival on Fridays but I’m usually the only one “playing” – so I know how that is! I enjoy it a lot though – writing memories for my kids – so I’m okay with that).

Toy Lady - July 6, 2009

SJ, my parsley shocked the daylights out of me by coming back this year! I’ve only known parsley to be an annual plant. 😯

Right now, though, it’s going to seed like crazy . . . it seems so early for that.

I’ve seen some of your Friday posts, and they’re so, I don’t know, poignant, I guess. Your childhood memories are so much . . . gentler than some of mine! Me, I’ve got plucking chickens! 😉

3. anne - July 6, 2009

I love the first kitty picture. “did you hear a puppy dog? I didn’t hear a puppy dog. Nope, no puppy dog here.” Glad she’s returning to the land of the living.

Toy Lady - July 7, 2009

Anne, that was exactly what she did, too! 😆

She heard “something” but when it didn’t come dashing out into the kitchen, it was all good. . . 😉

4. ErikaK - July 7, 2009

That’s a nice smoker, we have one and it has served us for about 6 years I think. We just upgraded to an electric Cookshack smoker, which by the way rocks, but I do miss the process of the charcoal. My oregano is a weed as well, I can’t use it fast enough so I pulled it all out, and now it is growing back.

Toy Lady - July 7, 2009

So far, we’ve been pretty successful in keeping the oregano contained – it has its own corner of the herb garden. I may have to start digging some up, though, next year, to thin it out a little. I’m kind of afraid to plant any mint anywhere nearby – they two of them might join forces and take over! 😆

5. judy - July 10, 2009

Great musings as usual. I was so far behind I have been reading you guys for an hour!

Svelte, might still be a stretchhhhhhhh but looking so much better and not so (it’s not politically correct) so fat. I still cannot believe she is upstairs on her own. Maybe she sense Dog is growing up a little and seems less fierce.

Love the garden pictures and I hate you for having spinach in your back yard! Not really.

Enough. I need to read you daily I think instead of once in while.


Toy Lady - July 10, 2009

Hey, Judy! I actually wasn’t all that thrilled with the spinach this year. I don’t know if it was the weather or the variety of spinach, or what, but it seemed to have started to go to seed almost before I got a chance to use it! I finally pulled it up and froze what was left. Uh, all one package. 😕

And re: the kitty – “svelte” was comparatively speaking, you know! 😆

And I’m convinced she’s not at all scared of the dog – she just hates him and wants to get him in trouble. I wish I knew what she was saying to him when she sits on the other side of the basement door and snarls at him. I’m sure it’s something mean.

6. apricotnelli - July 16, 2009

Parsley should come back a second year !! But once it is gone to seed it is gone pull it up and compost !!

Toy Lady - July 16, 2009

Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought. I knew I should have put a couple of new plants in this year. 😦

Maybe it’s not too late though. I seriously have NEVER had parsley come back!

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