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I swear I had nothing to do with it July 15, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, mirth & woe, random stuff.


So there we were the other evening, when  Peeps looked out the front window.

Is that a truck in our driveway?  We don’t know anyone with a white truck, do we?

It’s an official truck of some sort?

What is up with that?  So we went out to get a closer look.

PhotobucketSure enough, it’s a Fire Chief’s truck from the Barnard Fire Department.

Now while our local police department may be a little, well, sketchy, maybe, our fire department is (so far) above reproach.

So far, anyway.  😯

So you see a fire chief pull into your driveway, then a fire truck pull up in your front yard, you start to wonder whether your house is, in fact, on fire.

I do, anyway.  😕

Now, our neighbors, the Harley Family, have had the local fire department roll up on them when they’ve had a bonfire and the smoke was disturbing some other neighbor.  🙄

But there was no bonfire.

PhotobucketAnd we weren’t even smoking anything.  It was a weeknight – who smokes stuff during the week?  “shock:

Unless, you know, they’re on vacation or something.  😉

That one time the fire trucks rolled up on our neighbors, there had been a complaint about that smoke – another neighbor, Oxygen Lady, had called it in.  🙄

We have nicknames for most of our neighbors.  I have no idea what their real names are.  😀

So the firemen showed up and were, uh, looking for the fire, I guess.

PhotobucketNope, we don’t know nothin’ about no fire.  😯

Seriously, they were walking up and down the street, looking for smoke, I guess.  I don’t know who had called in the report, but I think they were mistaken.

We weren’t on fire.  And we weren’t smoking anything.

PhotobucketAnd we have no idea who called the fire department.

Aren’t there rules about that?  😯

So anyway, Officer Fireman Friendly tried to find out what the heck was going on.

Nobody knows nothin’.

So they eventually piled back into their trucks and rolled off.  Eventually.


And we still have no idea who or what was on fire, whether it was a false alarm, or anything else.

But I’m happy to have shared my driveway and front yard with our firemen, just the same.  😀



1. origamifreak - July 15, 2009

Maybe it’s all that flesh you’ve been smoking…


Toy Lady - July 16, 2009

Well, I guess it could be. Seriously, they were wandering all over the neighborhood looking for . . . something.

And really, given the fact that we’d put the smoker away a good 2 or 3 days before they showed up, I’d like to be able to expect a little better response time from our fire department! 😉

2. judy - July 16, 2009

ok… now CD for today makes sense. 🙂 Life is just never dull at your house is it, even tho you say it is. Something about… he who protestith (is that a word) too much. Just my impression. 🙂

Glad it wasn’t anything of yours that was on fire that had to be put out in front of neighbors and all. geeze

Toy Lady - July 16, 2009

Oh no, Judy! We’re extra-careful when we play with fire! 😆

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