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Movie time July 17, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Home, What we're watching.

We don’t go out to the movies very often.  We’re usually far too busy to spend two hours plus sitting watching a movie.  And, of course, they’re not cheap any more.  But a few times a year we make plans.

This year has been very lacking.  Now, granted, Toys and I don’t need to see everything on the big screen.  Most of the crap Hollywood produces is just perfect for watching in our living room, with a tasty beverage.  Preferably with the ability to pause.

Earlier in the summer we went out to see the lastest Star Trek movie, which was not bad.  It could have been far worse.  We also saw the Wolverine movie.  That also could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better.

We’re probably going to go see the newest Harry Potter movie sometime in the next week or so.  While not quite as good as the books, they’re usually very faithful and well done.

The only other movie that’s a must see for us is Julie & Julia.  We’ve been looking forward to this one since the day we found out it was coming out.  A food movie, based on a blog.  How totally us!

There might be one or two more that we’re planning on keeping an eye on when they open, but that’s basically it for this year.  While that’s way up from what I used to go to several years ago, it’s way down from the last couple of years.

So, why do we ignore the rest of the stuff that Hollywood puts out every week?  Mostly, because it’s crap.  Now, I don’t mind crap in small doses.  A truly awful movie once in a while is a good thing.  It will keep your wits sharp and make you realize that you’re life isn’t so bad after all.  But there needs to be limits.  Remember this from earlier in the year?

Now, I watched the show when I was a kid faithfully. And it wasn’t great television by any means. But seriously. Stop it.  Don’t take things that people enjoyed and ruin them.  Like this.

Robert Downey Jr. is a talented actor.  He wouldn’t be my first choice for playing Sherlock Holmes, but okay, maybe I can see it.  But who is the idiot who decided to make Holmes an action hero?  With laughs?  Someone needs to stop doing this sort of thing.  Forever.  It’s not right.

Of course, rumor has it that there are plans to remake Teen Wolf.  And you and I both know, it won’t even stop there.

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