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So sorry July 31, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Big Lug, Family, Home.

Even though I didn’t really have anything to mention for this week, I meant to try.  Unfortunately, things didn’t want to work out for me.  I’m shocked.

Toys had Thursday off.  She had dental work done.  Sadly, we had to keep another medical appointment the same day that really messed things up.

Jarly had a vet appointment.  He had a very busy weekend.  He got taken on a very long walk on Sunday.  He spent some time playing with Thunder from next door.  His momma got him a new bed.  All in one day.  He then spent the next three days limping in a big way.  Badly.  As in, we were very concerned.

We walked Jarly a little early and just got into the car and went.  The vet wanted to keep him so he could be sedated and x-rayed.  Lovely.  Our choices for getting him back were 6:20 and 7:40.  Either of these would seriously impact dinner time for us.  But that’s okay, our baby is way more important.

So we came home.  And found the kitty loving her freedom.  We try to remember to let her loose when we walk the dog, and for a change we did.  And then were gone for the vet appointment.  She was loving it.  And then we came home without HIM.  Sigh.

She really liked having her house back.

She even managed to sit still for the camera. For the first time in years.
We caught up on some taped TV, and then it was time to go claim out dog.
We listened to the vet explain to us that there really isn’t anything we can do for him, other than to take care of him. As if we’d do anything else. He has serious hip problems that will bother him for the rest of his life. We already pretty much knew that. More talk. Yeah, yeah. Can we go home now? It’s almost 7:00 and we haven’t had dinner yet.
Finally, the moment we’d been waiting for arrived.

He looked a little dopey, but that’s often the way he looks.
He even acted a little more dopey than normal on the ride home.
But he’s back and shaking off the effects of the sedative. It’s going to take a bit, I’m thinking. Toys plans to stay downstairs with him, figuring that he’s not going to want to come upstairs with us. She’s not working Friday, either.
Sorry I didn’t have anything more interesting to offer. But, I’m often like that.



1. judy - August 1, 2009

what a week you both have had! The only one it seems who had any fun was MY CAT. 🙂

Dentists, THE PLACE, CHP, rain, and a hurting puppy. That is the worst of all. My son went through the same problem with one of his babies. it just doesn’t seem fair.

Things should settle down soon I hope. Will be thinking of all of you. (bye baby girl – you looked wonderful in that picture).


Toy Lady - August 1, 2009

Oh, yes, Judy, you should have seen the disappointment in her furry little kitty face when we finally brought him back . . .

2. judy - August 1, 2009

ha ha… I can just imagine. later guys. judy

3. Melinda - August 2, 2009

WOW what a busy week, i got a little scared when i first started reading, thank goodness it was something you had already figured out , nothing new wish i could have seen the cats reaction to when you brought Jarly home lol. one of those priceless moments maybe?

Toy Lady - August 2, 2009

Hi, Melinda- how ARE you?

You know, we knew the dog had bad hips when we got him, but even the vet was surprised by just how bad they really are. Fortunately, we’ve been doing enough walking that his leg muscles take a lot of the strain off the joints. . .

And you’re right – the poor kitty was bitterly, sadly disappointed.

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