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Monday Musings: 08.03.2009 August 3, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings.


Earlier last week, on our morning walk, the Big Lug “found” a new toy.  By “found,” I mean he must have spotted it on the street in front of some little girl’s house and, uh, snaffled it into his big floppy mouth and secretly smuggled it on our walk until it was too late to figure out where he’d found it.


And he does love his new pink Barbie tennis ball, too!

I know dogs are color-blind and all, but this has already become his favorite ball that he brings to me to play – it’s even better than the squeaky one!

I hope the little girl who lost it doesn’t miss it too much . . . and we’re going to have a stern talk with him about swiping toys that don’t belong to him.


The other day, I came across the cutest thing.  While I’m not at all surprised by a 5-year-old who knows all the words to a Johnny Cash song (after all, at that age, Surly Boy could recite, word for word, the entire script of Homeward Bound) he plays the guitar besides!  I wonder if he actually understands the subject matter. . . 😕



So this was my weekend for the public market.  Time after time, I heard “is this local?” or “where was this grown?” which was kind of odd.  Not odd that people would ask, but odd that suddenly everybody’s asking.

This week, I scored some fresh currents – which I bought from the actual lady (and her young granddaughter) who picked them.  I’ve never had fresh red currents before.  This will be interesting.


One of the last things Peeps said before he left for work Saturday morning was “please don’t go overboard.”

I guess he meant don’t bring home piles of fruit.  And beets.  And leeks.

Um. . . everything but the pineapple was grown locally, though.  Surely that counts for something, doesn’t it?

Hey, at least I didn’t grab the wee little eggplants I was eying!



Of course, poor Peeps may have been considering the fact that I was bound to spend some time Saturday afternoon in the garden.  And at this time of the year, I’m not going to come back from the garden empty-handed!  Oh, no, there were green beans that needed picking (it finally stopped raining long enough!) and a few grape tomatoes that were ripe (they all ended up on my pizza!) and a boatload of Swiss chard to be cut.  Yeah, now we may have a bit too much produce in the house.


PhotobucketJust in case you think we’ve forgotten about the kitty and her gloating ways this weekend, what with the poor, painful puppy and all, perish the thought!

Oh no, while puppster was crashed out on the landing (his all-time favorite spot to nap), she seemed to know it was “safe” for her to flit about the house.

PhotobucketI went to the basement for something, and as soon as I opened the door to the kitchen, she was right there, kitty-on-the-spot!  I tried to tell her that maybe she didn’t want to be prancing around quite so much with the dog still, technically, downstairs, but she insisted.

It’s like she knows.


OK, a couple of gratuitous back yard pictures, just because it was such a nice day and all.


We transplanted these black-eyed susans a couple of years ago to this spot next to the deck, mainly because we couldn’t quite figure out how keep the dog from getting tangled up under the steps.  They’re working well, wouldn’t you say?


And of course, the herb  garden is practically out of control!  Probably has something to do with all the rain we’ve had this summer.  I’m having a heck of a time keeping the basil from going to seed – every time I walk by, there are a couple of plants that need their blossoms pinched off.  As for the oregano, we’re just doing what we can to keep it from taking over!


The actual vegetable garden is also doing quite nicely.  We took out the peas (and put in more green beans for later in the season), the lettuce is still doing well, we’ve got some baby heads of broccoli going, and the Swiss chard is going like gangbusters!  And the tomatoes!  The two grape tomatoes are just starting to produce – just a handful of tomatoes at a time.  I’m starting to question whether the jet stars are really jet stars, but we’ll see.  And the San Marzanos are absolutely loaded with tomatoes.  Give it another month, and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in tomatoes!


The internet is a wondrous place, isn’t it?  I mean, in what other world would anyone ever conceive of an idea like a wine club to support the NRA?


I guess, as long as people don’t pursue both hobbies at the same time . . . everyone knows that alcohol and guns don’t mix.

But really?  Whose brain child was this, anyway?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  While we typically plan our menu based on the store ads, what’s in the freezer, and what the weather’s supposed to be, we find ourselves adding a new consideration – what fresh produce we have on hand and how quickly it needs to be used up!

Monday – The weather is supposed to be lovely – it’s August, and we’ve got to cherish those grilling days here in upstate New York!  I’m going to take some of this weekend’s Swiss chard and cook it with some rice in a Greek-inspired sort of side dish, along with some appropriately marinated grilled chicken.  Any of the chard that’s left over will get frozen for later in the year!

Tuesday –  The first Tuesday of the month brings us to Thursday Night Smackdown’s Hobo Tuesday challenge – wherein we create a tasty dinner for two for $5 or less!  We’ll blog our dish on Thursday, so be sure to see come back and see what we come up with!  By the way, everyone’s welcome to participate- blog or not, so check it out !  The submission deadline isn’t until Saturday.

Wednesday – Since it’s supposed to rain Wednesday (but it probably won’t!), Peeps is going to pull a package of his smoked brisket out of the freezer, mash some potatoes, and we’ll add a salad (gotta use up some of that lettuce before it’s too late!) and call it a day.

Thursday – Well, here’s where I’m going to see what fresh currents are like.  You know, almost every recipe I came across with currents called for either dried currents or current jelly.  What is UP with that anyway?  So I decided to make something up.  I’ll be grilling a pork tenderloin, and we’ll serve it with some sort of red current-onion sauce, alongside some rice and fresh green beans.  I have high hopes.

Friday –  Friday is, as is usual, pizza night.  It looks like I’m going to have numerous possibilities for my toppings – maybe some leftover chicken, oregano and feta?  Or perhaps a more traditional brisket, onion and mozzarella?  Or how does swiss chard, grape tomatoes and romano cheese sound?  You just never know until the time comes, do you?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.

UPDATE:  The Happy Housewife is hosting Monday Menu Plan this week – you might want to go there, instead!





1. Barb - August 3, 2009

My daughters made currant jam in Germany. It takes a lot of sugar because currants are tart tart tart.

Your dog gives me a shiver because he looks so much like my puppy and, um your dog is really, really big. Oh well, I never really liked small dogs anyway.

Toy Lady - August 3, 2009

Hi Barb! I’ve seen currants likened to cranberries in their tartness. I did taste a few out of the carton, and I can see that, I guess. We’re really not big jam and jelly eaters – it only took me about 20 years to STOP making jars and jars of jams that we don’t eat every year!

And yes, Jarly’s a big boy, though he’s lost a few pounds this summer – down from 120 to 113 pounds! He really is a big sweetie, though – and we’re working on the “no scaring strangers” rule when we’re out walking.

I tend to tip over little dogs, myself – they just move so darned fast!

2. judy - August 4, 2009

Hello all. … I know I am not a big dog person (or a small dog person so much either) but Jarly has wormed himself into my tiny little heart, just a little so I feel bad for him and hope he is feeling much better today. He knows you will take good care of him, slobber and all. I love the picture of MY CAT’s tail. You should blow that up and frame it. 🙂 Be sure to send me a copy.

Now about SB! Not one peep from you which puts me totally on alert. What in the world is he mad at you about now. Don’t feed into it. My kids pi;ss me off all the time but I won’t go there. Details please and I certainly hope you have a better week. O BTW, the garden looks wonderful and it seems to have recovered the the severe weather!

later guys. jud

Toy Lady - August 5, 2009

Hi, Jude. Puppster’s feeling better, I think – but gradually. He’s still limping, and he’s still bored out of his mind, but he’s moving a little more. And he’s surprisingly agile when he hears me open the refrigerator and get a hunk of cheese out to wrap his pills in!

As for Surly Boy. 😦

Apparently, his BIG FAT MOUTH has caused him some problems with some of the (other) charm-school dropouts in his dorm. And HEAVEN FORBID, the third of fourth time he called to complain to me, HEAVEN FORBID I suggest that he just keep his mouth shut and let it blow over. That was Sunday. He hung up on me, and I haven’t heard from him since.

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