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Monday Musing: 08.24.2009 August 24, 2009

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Happy Monday!  Here it is, already into the end of August – WHERE did the summer go?

Remember, when we were kids, the summer just seemed to last FOREVER?  Whether it was because we were sitting around the house with nothing to do but “play school” with the neighbor kids (did anyone besides me, my sister and our neighbors actually DO that?), or our parents were taking advantage of the “free labor” and we were working harder during the summer than we ever did during the school year, by the end of August, it just seemed like the summer had lasted half of forever, didn’t it?

Not anymore though – oh no!  Sheesh, it was just a few short months ago when we were shoveling snow!  We’ve barely had a chance to grill this year!

Or, um, is that just my age showing again. . . ?



We’ve had an awfully busy week around here.  You may recall, a few weeks back, that our baby started having some problems with his hips.  Although we took it easy for quite a while, the lack of exercise wasn’t doing him – or anyone – any good.  We found a local facility that works with exactly this sort of problem –  Bill really seems to understand dogs – and he has the patience of a saint!  He spent 3 evenings last week getting Jarly into the pool and used to swimming – the non-weight-bearing exercise is exactly what he needs to strengthen his hips as well as to keep him from going stir-crazy!



And Bill does understand dogs – he has shiloh shepherds – and his Mason evidently likes to keep an eye on things in the pool.



You know, I think our dog sleeps about as hard as his Mama does!

I heard the snoring from behind me, and I turned around, and there he was.

I walked over to see if his eyes were open, and they weren’t.

So I walked out of the room, got the camera, and came back.  He hadn’t moved.

That is one TIRED puppy!



We quite enjoyed our fajitas last week, and we had plenty left over.

You know what the best thing about leftovers is?  Re-purposing them!  I took some fajita meat, some sauteed onions and peppers, scrambled it all with an egg, added a little cheese, a fresh tomato, and rolled it into a spinach tortilla. . . a breakfast fajita burrito!

And it was darned good, too!


You know that when we got Jarly from the shelter, all they could guess tell us about his breed was that he was a “lab mix.”

Evidently those labs get around, because from what I hear, pretty much every dog that comes from a shelter is a “lab mix.”

We’ve certainly had some fun trying to guess, over the past year and a half, what the “mix” is – maybe Newfoundland?  He really doesn’t seem to have grown into the coat and some of the other Newfie characteristics.


Maybe he’s got some mastiff – he’s certainly got the jowls for it!

Though is ears don’t seem quite right.  Maybe Great Dane?

At our first swim class, Bill asked if he’s got a black spot on his tongue.

Um, yeah, actually he does.  We just assumed it was a birthmark – how did he know?

PhotobucketWell, for whatever reason, he seems to think Jarly shares several characteristic with his own dog – the shape of his head, the size of his chest, his height . . . and evidently Mason also has the same “birthmark.”  Curiouser and curiouser, huh?

Though our dog’s tongue is much bigger. . .



Lest you think we’ve forgotten all about the kitty during the current Puppy Crisis – perish the thought!

In fact, we stopped at the pet store and found her a new toy – we got her a Kitty Wubba!  Wubbas are made by Kong, which is a great dog toy company.  Well, it seems they make cat toys too!  How could we leave the kitty out?  Her Wubba has a squeaky head and crackly, um, tail.  She seemed . . . interested, at least.

She’ll wearn to wuv her wubba, I’m sure.



I also took the puppster to the farmer’s market this weekend – there are usually mobs of people there, and as long as he’s wearing his head collar and he’s on a short leash (which he is), it’s a great opportunity for him to get used to crowds of strangers .

Besides, I wanted to get some fresh peaches and some corn.

Just don’t mention to him that corn cobs aren’t the same as bones, though.  He thinks he really scored!


We’re still working the cat-dog situation.


It’s really becoming something of a game, I think.  We come in from our walk, the dog flops down, I go spend some time with the cat, give her treats, encourage her to be in the HOUSE instead of the BASEMENT, and he comes charging out to the kitchen to mess with her.

As long as I’m expecting him (which I am), I can give him a “STOP” and a “DOWN” and a “STAY” command, and he’s usually very good about it.  Then to just calm HER down . . .

Hopefully we’ll get there before one of them (or one of us!) succumbs to old age.


And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Last week’s cocoa spiced pork tenderloin was, as expected, wonderful with pan-fried potatoes some beets.    It’s a combination of warm, south-of-the border flavors, and it freezes beautifully, then, once thawed, it’s only a matter of a few minutes to put it on the grill, and before you know it, dinner is ready!  I’ll be sharing the directions for that this week so you can try it for yourself – be sure to check back!    We’ve got some interesting stuff up for this week, as well:

Monday – We spent the better part of Sunday afternoon making a version of Corn Cappelletti, and we’ll cook that for dinner Monday.  And if, like me, you’ve never heard of cappelletti, well, it’s definitely NOT ravioli.  No sir.  After all, if you spend your week making ravioli at work, like Peeps does, the LAST thing you want to do is come home and make it, right?  No, cappelletti is more like tortellini.  Yeah.  Completely different. . .

Tuesday –  For Tuesday, we pulled another pork tenderloin out of the freezer, and I’ve got a couple of beautifully ripe nectarines, as well as some tomatoes and all the herbs I could use.  I’m going to try to put together some version of a nectarine salsa to go with pork – I do love pork with fruit, and we are just getting into PRIME fruit season here in upstate New York!

Wednesday – Wednesday is Jarly’s swim class, so we’re going to be a little rushed.  Oh, and Surly Boy is planning to be home some time Wednesday for a few days (his 21st birthday is Saturday – can you BELIEVE IT?), so we need something quick AND something he’ll approve of.  Peeps suggested that we defrost some pulled pork that we shoved in the freezer after the July 4th holiday, which will work nicely with some Swiss chard from the garden and either mashed potatoes or the rest of the corn from Saturday’s trip to the farmers’ market (where fresh corn was $2 a dozen – how could I pass it by?).

Thursday –  Since Saturday is The Boy’s birthday, and he’s only home for a few days, and one local supermarket is running a special 3-day sale, we thought we’d splurge and grill some NY Strip steaks for dinner. Surly Boy does love a nice steak – as do the rest of us!

Friday –  And once more, it’s pizza night!  I’ve been enjoying fresh tomatoes, good parmiggiano and shredded mozzarella  on pizza – there’s just nothing better!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. origamifreak - August 24, 2009

My 17-year-old tuxedo cat has a black spot on HIS tongue, too. His tongue is *considerably* smaller than either of the two you pictured…

And scratchier, too. 😉

– Yeah, I was going to suggest that it probably wasn’t as wet, either!

Mazco34 - August 24, 2009

My dog has a blotch on his. But he has to yawn for it to be seen.

BTW – I never played “School.” Must be some kind of midwestern thing. 😉

– Either that, or maybe a “girl” thing. We used to have to take turns being the teacher.
And Jarly just needs to pant a bit to show off his spot. I’m starting to get the feeling that it would be unusual for him NOT to have a spot, huh?

2. cricket - August 24, 2009

Jarly is gorgeous…hope his hips improve soon! And I’m going to have to look for the cat toy…although at our house, the dog will probably commandeer it… 🙂

-Thanks, cricket. We like him. 😀
And as for the kitty toys, well, since the cat doesn’t spend much time upstairs with the rest of the family, when she’s done with her toys, we try to pick them up before the dog gets them! I think he thinks it’s something of a game – one morning, I forgot to pick up her toy, and he grabbed it and ripped a couple of feathers out before I caught him! *sigh* Dogs. . . 🙄

3. judy - August 24, 2009

You HAVE been busy! The animals are looking good. MY cat seems to be shrinking some. That is truly good. I cannot believe they were that close together and YOUl lived to write about it. The proof is in the picture.

– Judy, it’s GOOD to see you! That CAT is still being pretty stubborn. She waited until he’d gotten bored and left, then she started her hissing again, bringing him RUNNING back!

Enjoy the visit from SB! Who know when he will visit again now that he will be 21. Mine disappeared for a couple of years after that but he ended up ok. 🙂

– I’m hoping he’s already gotten most of that out of his system. He did that around the time he turned 18. He always was an early bloomer, I guess.

Food sounds wonderful. DD and I are in hog heaven eating the tomatoes from the ONE plant we grew in the pot. 7 to pick tomorrow and 17 new ones coming. It has been so yummy. Maybe will do two pots next year.

– Remember “The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”? Yeah, I think that’s what’s going on in my garden with the grape tomatoes! Those guys are taking over – I’m finding tomato branches with wee little grape tomatoes draped over plants in the next row! I’m sure you’re enjoying them as much as I am, though! (Have you had a BLT yet?)

Hoping the therapy works for Jarly. He really is a sweet dog but if asked I will swear I didn’t say that because big dogs scare me.

– The swimming is looking good . . . I guess we should have been MAKING more time all summer, huh? Let that be a lesson to me! . . .

Have a great week guys. Bye. judy

– You too, Jude!

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