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Monday Musings On Tuesday: 09.08.2009 September 8, 2009

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Here we are – a Very Special Edition of Monday Musings on Tuesday!

I mentioned yesterday that, unlike normal people who, say, go away for the long weekend, or who might take this opportunity to do a little extra relaxing, we did a lot of work in the kitchen:

  • I scored a bushel of tomatoes at the farmer’s market Saturday, so we canned them.  Do you know how many tomatoes a bushel is?  25 quarts, that’s how many.
  • We also got some fresh corn at the farmer’s market, which we grilled then froze.  I love to shuck the corn, then stick it on the grill just until the kernels get a little charred-looking.  It’s cooked enough to freeze without blanching, yet not so much that you lose that “summer-fresh” flavor – and what could be better in the middle of a Rochester winter?
  • Peeps did an X-treme smoking session – two briskets and 3 pork shoulders (butts).  We barely found room to do some boneless ribs for dinner – with a wonderful apple glaze.  We made room, though!
  • Two of the pork butts got shredded and sauced with Peeps’s Carolina sauce (which is SO GOOD!.)
  • The third pork butt went into David Lebovitz’s chocolate mole sauce – we’ll have to see what happens when a midwestern Swede uses a recipe from a New Yorker living in Paris for Mexican food, huh?
  • The briskets are in the fridge awaiting slicing and freezing.
  • I made granola from scratch – and I must say, it is NOT BAD!  I’m going to put some in a care package for Surly Boy this week.
  • And we made (and canned) salsa from scratch!  We did a small test batch last fall, and we weren’t thrilled with the recipe, so we tried another one from the Blue Book – and this time, given the number of tomatoes from the garden we had to use, we took it on faith and did a double batch.  And canned it.

Can I take a nap now?


So we’re driving home from Swim Class last week, and we got stuck in traffic somewhere on Ridge Road.  Go figure.

PhotobucketAnyway, we found ourselves behind GUSTAVO’s truck.  I have no idea who Gustavo is nor what kind of work he does (quality-wise, I mean – I can SEE he does masonry), but it stands to reason that a mason (specializing in concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks – residential & commercial) who uses a BULL as the “T” in his name – he’s GOT to be, well, let’s just say there’s probably testosterone smeared all over his house. . .



And look who’s decided to come up for a little break from, um, well, whatever it is she does in the basement by herself.  While I was working in the kitchen canning tomatoes, Peeps was out on the deck peeling, so, since there’s (slightly) more room in the back yard than in the kitchen, the dog was shuffled outside.

Since the house was a dog-free zone, albeit temporarily, I opened the basement door so the kitty could come up and feel a little normal for a change.  I’m sure she appreciated it.



I just thought this photo came out well – a bunch of filled jars waiting on the counter for their turn in the canner. . .



The other day, Peeps brought home a few day-old baguettes, which is a great thing.  Except for one thing – they start out kind of crusty (kind of!), and by the next day, they’re bordering on “hard” – and after that, well, they’re pretty much inedible.

Unless, of course, you’re a bread-loving dog with a built-in food-moisturizing system.  Then they’re the next best thing to bones.

OK, not really, but he still really, really loves him some hard baguettes!


I stumbled on this comedienne, Jessica Bern, the other day, and I think she’s hilarious, in a feminine sort of way.

Um, any guys in the room, you might want to just skip this.  You’ve been warned.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’ve got a lot of produce to use up (a trip to the farmer’s market will do that!), and we’re still working on clearing out the freezers, so . . . we’re trying to balance “really boring” with “creative” – you tell me what you think!

Monday – It’s Labor Day (which is why you’re not reading this before Tuesday!), and I think there’s some unwritten rule about grilling on Labor Day!  We’re not messing around with burgers and hots, though –  a while ago, Peeps put together a Garlic-Thyme Marinated Steak for the freezer with some top round steak we picked up on sale.  We’ll steam some wee baby beets that I had to grab at the market – probably with a little fresh garlic and thyme – for continuity, of course!

Tuesday –  Peeps brought home some unseeded semolina bread from work the other day, which we tossed in the freezer.  Well, since we’re trying to clear OUT the freezers, we decided to pull that out, along with some of his earlier attempts at breakfast sausage (which was still not bad at all!) and do Breakfast For Dinner – this time, we’ll do French toast, hash browns (probably) and sausage.  I am curious to see how my French toast is with semolina bread.  I’m betting pretty darned not bad!

Wednesday – We’ve got swim class again (actually, the DOG has swim class – we just drive him!), which means that at the time we’d normally be home making dinner, we’ll actually be in Spencerport – about 20 miles away.  Last week’s crockpot dinner worked out so well that we’re going to try that again – we found a lone chuck roast in the freezer, and we’ll do a new-ish favorite – Bloody Mary Beef Roast.  Mmm – pot roast with tomatoes and horseradish!  Stay tuned for directions in a few days – you’ll love this!

Thursday –  We have a last minute switch here – I’d initially planned to make a vegetable soup over the weekend, using up half a bag of beans in the cupboard, some escarole that I really liked the look of at the farmer’s market, some tomatoes and carrots from the garden – you know, vegetable soup stuff.  However, it just never got made this weekend, so we’re putting it off until next week, and we’re going to try our smoked pork molé in a taco form – I’ll definitely let you know how that works out!

Friday – And it’s pizza night!  We were in Wegmans over the weekend, and found the coolest thing – wee little teeny tiny fresh mozzarella balls called Pearlini, which, along with some fresh tomatoes (got ’em), nice olive oil (got it) and some fresh basil (again, got some) should be amazing on a pizza!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - September 11, 2009

I thought I had said hi but I guess not! Kitty must love to smell the out doors. I know mine do! Good stuff as usual. I turned my dd on to your 101 list. She is crazy…… about the idea. Thanks Your work is spilling over into more generations. 🙂


– Hi, Judy! You’re right – the cat does love the smell of outdoors. She was getting a little, um, snarky – she wanted to go OUT! I knew she’d just waddle across the deck and see THE DOG and it could get ugly, but she didn’t want to listen to me!

And good for your daughter! I hope she has fun with her own 101 Things!

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