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Can You Have TOO MUCH Fruit? September 10, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking Challenge, Food, random stuff.

Of course not!

OK, maybe.

PhotobucketWhat’s a girl to do when, in addition to the bowls of tomatoes coming out of the garden, there are now peaches and nectarines everywhere?  They’re literally giving them away!

Seriously – I went to the farmer’s market the other day, and one of the farmers was standing there with a basket of peaches handing them to people walking by . . .

I have GOT to do something with all this fruit before apple season!  And as much as I loved the melon stuff, anything with that much whipped cream can’t really be good for a diet, now can it?

So we made some sorbet.  FAT FREE sorbet!  Lovely, perfect nectarines, in all their fruity glory . . .

One problem with sorbet is that it tends to get, well, hard.  And icy.  The flavor may be there, but the texture, well, it leaves a lot to be desired.  And as far as I’m concerned, life is too short and calories are too precious, to waste a lot of time eating dessert that’s just “OK.”  I’m just saying.

Fortunately, Cook’s Illustrated figured that out.  It’s all about sugar.  Sugar and alcohol.  Their rule of thumb is a half cup of sugar per cup of fruit, with a Tablespoon of booze allowing for a similar reduction in sugar.  I took it a step further and made a simple syrup – pre-dissolving the sugar can’t be a bad idea!

And as for the booze – well, I often see peaches and nectarines paired with almond – amaretto would have been my first choice.

But we don’t drink amaretto, and thus don’t keep any in the house.   Never mind that we don’t drink that grape schnapps that’s been languishing in the back of the liquor cabinet for years – it was a mistake!  Honest!

PhotobucketWhat we also don’t drink, but still have in the house, is a bottle of funky tequila my parents brought back for us from Mexico.  Oh yes, it is awfully funky – it’s some sort of almond creme tequila.  Uh, yeah, we’re going to drink that.

Not so much.

But as it happens, it was just perfect for the sorbet.  So there you go – I guess my parents really do know best.  Huh.

So into the Woot! blender with:

  • 6-7 ripe nectarines
  • simple syrup made with 1/2 cup water and 1 cup sugar less about a tablespoon – those nectarines were perfect!
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1 Tablespoon of Funky Tequila

And. . . BLEND!  Dude – check this out!  This blender is just cool. . .

So, yeah.  I clearly have nothing better to do than post videos of a blender blending on Youtube.  Somebody kinda needs to get a life, huh?

PhotobucketBut still – 30 seconds, and what WAS nectarines and a bunch of other stuff is now smooth, chunk-free sorbet base.  That’s a good thing.

And into the ice cream freezer it goes.

We’ve been quite happy with the ice cream attachment to the KitchenAid – though I’ll admit I was a little concerned about it.

Now we’ll never be able to upgrade to a different mixer – we’ve got too much invested in attachments for this one!

Where was I again?

PhotobucketLet the freezer (mixer) run until the fruit mixture is thickened and starting to freeze.  This one is supposed to shut off when it reaches the proper consistency, but the sorbet just never gets as thick as actual ice cream, and, consequently, it doesn’t actually shut off.  But if you’re quick, you can stick your finger in and see if it “feels right.”  Not that I’m recommending that or anything.  No, I’m just saying, that’s all.

This recipe made just shy of a half gallon of sorbet – maybe a quart and a half.  I’ve put together a print version for convenience, since I didn’t actually adhere to any actual recipe – I just sort of made it up as I went along, so you can take that for whatever it’s worth.

But this was good. . .

I’m submitting this to Home-Ec101.com’s Fearless Fridays because  I managed to get sorbet that’s NOT full of ice crystals AND still tastes like the delightfully ripe fruit from which it’s made!

Be sure to visit Heather and Ivy for some fun tips and all-around great information and to see what other new things people are working on.



1. Tracie - September 10, 2009

That sounds wonderful! I guess if you need to get a life for posting blender videos I’m even more pathetic for tuning in, lol! Anyway, I love peaches and it is hard to get good ones here, although I don’t know why since we are so close to Georgia. If i ever do get good ones, they don’t stay good long enough to eat. So this sounds super!

– Well, I did include the Charlie Brown music for you to enjoy. . . it’s too bad, though, that you have trouble getting good peaches. And you’re right – one would think, close to Georgia, you’d have the best ones, too! I’ve actually been surprised the past couple of years by just how good the peaches have been here.

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