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Monday Musings: 09.21.2009 September 21, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

I found a recipe the other day on the Homesick Texan’s blog for bacon jam and had to try it.

Yes, you read that right.


PhotobucketThat you can spread on an egg sandwich.  Yum.


Or, put another way:



Meanwhile, this weekend, we took the baby to the lake for what will likely be one of his last beach trips of the season.

Fortunately, he’s still got his Wednesday night swim classes to help keep him fit!

Quite a change from last year – when he’d barely walk into the water far enough to get his belly wet, wouldn’t you say?



Of course, he doesn’t spend the entire time in the water – that water is cold already!  That, and he’d wear himself out for sure.  We try to alternate running and jumping and swimming with walking around and sniffing.  He also likes sniffing, you know.


Though he’s maybe not so great at sniffing and paying attention to his surroundings.  What he didn’t notice was that just a few hundred yards away was a, um, flock of deer watching him!


I don’t know about all this wildlife around here!  I mean, we live in a neighborhood that has amenities like street lights and sidewalks!  During the course of one morning walk last week, Jarly and I happened upon another fox – he was just lurking around a church parking lot.

So, rather than risk a rabid fox at 5 o’clock, we crossed the street and kept going.  Only to be stopped short by the sight of a skunk about 2 houses away from us.  What neither the skunk nor the dog saw was the cat sitting in the yard stalking said skunk.

Yeah, I want to be no where around when THAT happens!  So we went home.  The only thing we’d need for a hat trick that morning would have been a raccoon. Um, no thanks.



Speaking of wildlife – I’m just glad that Jarly’s not so good at chasing the birds at the beach.   I’d hate to seem Papa Swan catch him!


PhotobucketSo this just tickled me – political signs all over the neighborhood that say “HEYMAN”.

Mary Ellen Heyman is that Town’s Supervisor and is, apparently, running for re-election.

Hey, man!


PhotobucketAnd we stopped by the Freihofer’s outlet the other day and saw this sign in the window.

Bimbo Bakeries?


I would have thought they’d have been able to come up with a, well, less insulting name for their company.  But then what do I know?



And look. Our neighbor Thunder decided to come on over for a visit and a quick romp!  He and Jarly are the best of friends!

Of  course, he’s also a glutton for cookies, too!  Boy, if there’s anything better than having one giant dog slobber all over you, it’s having two!

But they’re both very good boys, aren’t they?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Last week’s menu was a hit – and we’ve still got some leftover bean and veggie soup for my lunches this week!  I’m planning to share the recipe later this week – it’s GREAT for early fall!  All in all, this week is looking good – what do you think?

Monday – A while back, we stuck some marinade in the freezer for Korean beef ribs – we had made more marinade than we had beef for, so why not?  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Peeps found some boneless short ribs at the supermarket, so he grabbed them, trimmed them, and threw them in the frozen marinade for a later day.  Well, here it is!

Tuesday – Our recycled roast beef – we had plenty left over last week, as well as plenty of gravy, so we’re going to make hot roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes.  (And salad.)  When was the last time you had a hot roast beef sandwich?  Yeah, I can’t remember either.

Wednesday –  It’s swim class again, so we’re going to do another crock-pot meal – this time, it’s pork tacos.  This is so simple – we take a pound or so of cubed pork shoulder, dump it in the crockpot with a pint of diced tomatoes and some taco seasoning (we make our own, but you can certainly use packaged), and let it cook on low – at dinner time, just shred the pork, give it a stir, and there you go – taco meat, tasty and different!

Thursday – Thursday’s going to be . . . interesting.  I’ve had a couple of thoughts brewing in the back of my mind – we have a bagel shop about a block from my office that features “seasonal” bagels.  Well, their summer bagel was rosemary olive oil, and it is delicious!  I picked up an extra half dozen and tossed them in the freezer before they discontinued them, and I’m going to use them for a sort of strata – bagels and chicken and tomatoes and eggs . . . sounds good, right?  Or maybe we’ll end up having PB&J.

Friday –  Pizza night!  I’ve got just enough fresh mozzarella left for one more pizza, and the fresh tomatoes and herbs should certainly hold out at least one more week.

Saturday -Although we don’t normally plan meals for the weekend, we spent most of the day Sunday making an amazing roasted vegetable lasagna, and we just didn’t have enough room during the week, so we baked it and cut it up, and it will make a nice, quick and tasty dinner Saturday evening.  And the rest is going in the freezer.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. anne - September 21, 2009

I’ve seen trucks around here for Bimbo Bakery. I always thought it was odd, too, but apparently they’re happy to put it right out there in really big letters!

Which reminds me of a van I saw the other day, for Griffin Auto Glass. The first letter of each word was really big, so all you really noticed van that said GAG. Hello, Marketing Department??

Our fuzz bags have a different word for “sniffing”, which is “snooting”. You know, that’s where you put your snoot on the ground and run around chasing smells. Yep, around here, “snoot” is a verb. 🙂

– And the Guaranteed On Time delivery company! How would you like to get a package from GOD? 😆

And I love “snooting”! That’s brilliant – it’s exactly what he does!

2. judy - September 22, 2009

Everything “smells” so good cooking! I have copied a couple of the meals. I assume that Kitty is perky and slim and well behaved or you would have TOLD ME.

Have a great week. I am battling family so I cannot predict that for me. 🙂

Love you guys. judy

– Judy, of course the kitty is well! I’m glad you’re (ahem) enjoying your family! 😉

3. Melinda - September 22, 2009

bimbo is part of one of the big bakeries here in Texas, they sell Hispanic breads and tortillas here, my brothers tortillas are sold with them, darn who is the bakery? oh Mrs Bairds, at least it think that is who it is.

– I had seriously never seen that!

And your brother makes tortillas? How very neat!

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