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Here’s Your Something Special September 25, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, mirth & woe, random stuff.

OK, so I’m going to start by saying I may be a little confused.  Or rather, I was.  I’m not any more.

See, it’s like this.  A while back, I sat down and entered several dates into the calendar that’s integrated into the email program.  It’s not Outlook; it seems that Outlook won’t work with Vista, or at least the versions of Outlook and Vista I have.

What is up with that, anyway?  I mean, Microsoft Vista is a Microsoft product, and Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft product – why can’t they just get along?  Seriously, the only reason I even use Microsoft at all is because it’s so pervasive.  (That, and you can’t get away from it.)

(And if anyone out there in the internet knows WHY Outlook won’t work with Vista, please don’t tell me unless there’s an easy way to fix it.  And I do mean easy, too.  Thanks.)

Where was I again?

Anyway, Windows Mail works basically the same way as Outlook does, including the calendar, only it’s actually way different.

But we adapt.  (By “we” I mean “I” – Peeps doesn’t seem to feel the same need to calendar things that I do.)

So I entered a bunch of dates into the calendar, including National Punctuation Day, which is September 24.  (I also entered Talk Like A Pirate Day, which was Saturday.)

So far so good, right?  I even set it up to remind me a few days in advance (I hate when holidays sneak up on me, don’t you?)

And sure enough, Monday morning, the reminder popped up and reminded me:  “National Punctuation Day in 4 days.”

Great – I’d sure hate to miss it!  This is great.  So, four days.  And I did what anyone would do, I counted on my fingers!  Today’s Monday, so Tuesday. . .  Wednesday . . .  Thursday . . . Friday.   National Punctuation Day was on Friday, so I told Peeps that I’d like to do Friday’s blog about my Thing Whatever-Number-It-Is, and he graciously offered to do Wednesday.

Give and take – that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

So Tuesday, the pop-up reminder popped up and reminded me again “National Punctuation Day in 3 days.”  Then I noticed that it also said “September 24.”

Um. . . wait just a minute.

Monday was the 21st, Tuesday was the 22nd, so the 24th is in 3 days?

Really?  How can that be?  I mean, I’m not really a math person, but still.  I like to think I’m right in that 22 plus 3 is never going to be 24.


But by the time I mentioned this to Peeps, he had already sweated out Wednesday’s post (obviously the poor man had nothing to write about and had to resort to Making Stuff Up!) so . . . here we are.

Although Peeps did sort of promise something special, what you’re really getting is the astonishing revelation Microsoft isn’t so good at math.

Well, that, and my husband is quite good at writing fiction.



1. BSAT - September 24, 2009

National Punctuation Day is pretty much the greatest holiday there is.


2. Aunt Becky - September 25, 2009

That rules. Seriously, I wish that National Punctuation Day could make teach me something if I celebrated it.

– It’s really not as much fun as I make it seem to be furtively correcting people’s signs all over town!

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