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Whose Idea Was This, Anyway? October 14, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Family, Information, mirth & woe, Surly Boy.

I got another text message from Surly Boy the other day.  I really don’t mind his texting me so often – hey, at least he’s talking to me, right?

That, and Peeps was thoughtful enough to load “Bumble Boogie” for me to use as the ring tone when I have an incoming message.  I actually enjoy receiving text messages.

You know “Bumble Boogie,” right?

Anyway, the Boy’s message.

Hey.  Want me to come home for Thanksgiving?

Really?  You need to ask?  Of COURSE I do!

OK, so he needs a ride.  Obviously.

He can get to Burlington (which is, apparently, THE city in Vermont) (wait, did that sound snarky?), where there’s a bus and a train station.  And even an airport.

Cool. We have a bus and a train in Rochester (as well as an airport), so it should be a simple matter of checking schedules, comparing prices, and ordering tickets for a round-trip, right?


Yeah, not so much.

We started with the train.  Amtrak doesn’t go from Burlington to Rochester.


Seriously.  He could go from Burlington to Springfield, MA, to Rochester, though.

Oops, no he can’t.  He’d get to Springfield at 2:40 PM and have to leave at 2:15.


OK, how about the bus?

Yeah.  How about it?

Well, if he leaves Burlington at 2AM on Wednesday, after two transfers (I don’t even want to know where), he’ll get to Rochester at 4:35 PM.

Hey, at least it’s the same day.  Seriously, one option would have been having him spend a day and a half to end up at his grandparents’ house.  Wouldn’t THAT have been fun – having my parents deal with Tired AND Surly Boy?  On Thanksgiving Day, no less?  Don’t say I’m not a good daughter!

And as for Trailways, well,they apparently don’t go to Vermont.  I have no idea what that’s all about.

So that leaves flying.

Or not.  Burlington to Rochester, with a layover at JFK, is about $200.

One way.   It’s over $300 to send him back.

Are they HIGH?

Heh.  High.  Get it?  Planes – high?  Oh, never mind.

Regardless, THAT’S not gonna happen.

OK, let’s revisit this.

Flying is out; that much is clear.

The bus – let’s see, if he leaves at 2 in the morning, either Thanksgiving morning or the day before, he can be here by 4:30 that same day – a mere 14 and a half hours.  Or he could leave at 1:45 in the afternoon and be home shortly before 6AM – 16 hours on the bus (with a transfer).  Then, of course, he can turn around and leave at 7:40 Sunday morning, to be back in Vermont 18 hours later. . . again, not really cool, is it?

And the train.  While it seems you can’t get to Rochester from Burlington, unless, of course, you go through Springfield, it looks like you CAN get to Rochester from Westport, NY.  Which is a mere 10 miles further than Burlington from The Place.  So we try that and end up with a possible.

Sort of.  He can take the train from Westport to Schenectady to Rochester – on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 1:43 in the afternoon (which is far better than 1:43 in the morning!), and get to Schenectady at 7:31.  And there he’d sit – the train from Schenectady to Rochester is full.  Sold out.  Not available.  Not Wednesday, not Tuesday, not to Syracuse, not to Buffalo – apparently everyone leaves Schenectady in droves on holiday weekends.

He could, however, travel on Thanksgiving day, and get home at 11:00 and miss Thanksgiving altogether.

And there’s no train back on Sunday.  Of COURSE not.  He’d leave Monday at 5:30 AM, bringing him back to Westport at 2-ish in the afternoon.


Is your brain starting to hurt?  Mine sure is.

OK, so here’s the plan.

I am taking Thanksgiving Tuesday and Wednesday as vacation time.

Tuesday will be spent on whatever cooking or baking I can do in advance of the holiday.

Wednesday, I’ll drive to The Place myself to pick him up.  He can drive back.  Remember what fun we had last time?

We’ll do Thanksgiving with The Family, and oh what FUN that will be.

Then we’ll put him on a train Monday morning to go back himself.




1. anne - October 14, 2009

Brlbbrlbbrblbrlbbrl …… that the sound you make when you run your index finger real fast over your lips. Like when you research travel plans for hours, only to conclude that you can’t there from here.


– Exactly!

So the Boy says, well, Mom, you could just get another car, then leave your Honda here for me.

Uh, no.

2. Jessica - October 15, 2009

traveling blows. I don’t care where you’re going.

– It does indeed.

3. judy - October 20, 2009

Oh my. This is way tooooo complicated. Travel boards, catching a ride with a nice family (no hitching anymore), dead heading a rental car (oh he is not old enough)?

I am very glad this is your son and not mine. That sounds harsh but been there, done that, between Colorado and Texas. A two day drive to rescue kids for whatever reason. Colorado to Minnesota non stop, up for 36 hours in a VW bug with her dog and cat with 2 newborn kittens. I should write a book.

I know you will all be together for turkey day and I guess that is what really counts. I think you need a hug. (((hug))). jud

– Thanks, Jude. It’s nuts, I’ll give you that. And on top of it, he may not be able to get a ride from the train station – which means, if he’s to come home, one of us will have to take him back after all.


4. Julie - November 14, 2009

LOL……….get it “high” planes…..you are too much. I’m telling you I see you writing comedy/making money one day!

You’re a good mom. Takes one to know one.

– Hi, Julie – thanks. I’m not holding my breath, though. Blogger-writers are everywhere, you know, and many much more talented than I am. But thanks. 😀

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