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Ah, Fall October 23, 2009

Posted by Peeps in Home, Musings, random stuff.

Autumn is probably the most confusing time of year.  Part of me loves the Fall, part can’t stand it.

I very much enjoy the cooler weather.  But it drives me nuts having to figure out which jacket to put on every time I step out the door.  And it can vary several times a day.  I’ve started to really enjoy spending my mornings at work, next to a very large oven.  Mostly.

And while throwing something on the grill for dinner is mighty nice, how can you not love something that’s simmered low and slow for hours and makes the whole house smell fantastic?

Fall gives us the new television season.  That they ruthlessly reschedule during baseball playoffs.  They even pre-empted “House“, for crying out loud.

Not having to mow the lawn is one of the greatest things on Earth.  Having to rake up leaves, however, is the pitts.  But at least I’m not one of those people who started raking a week ago and will still be doing it for the next month or so.  I always wait until that one day when you look up to discover that all the trees are bare.  Then, I rake.  Once.

I kind of miss the smell of burning leaves that I remember from childhood.  On the other hand, these days I doubt I’d trust anyone to do it safely.

The colors of Autumn are incredible.  Even when they’re marred by the jarring colors of political signs in just about everybody’s yard.  Why do people feel the need to put those things up?  I don’t care who you want in office.  And if you think your little sign is going to sway my opinion, you might want to reconsider.

Probably one of the most harsh things about Fall is how quickly it slips away.  We still have more than a week until Halloween.  But in the blink of an eye, it’ll be past Thanksgiving and we’ll all be wondering how we let so much time get away from us.  Without having done any Christmas shopping.  Nuts.

Oh well.  It’ll be Spring pretty soon.



1. Mazco34 - October 23, 2009

And time for another baseball season!

Peeps - October 23, 2009


2. judy - October 26, 2009

you are so reflective. I really like that. If you miss the fall smell of leaves burning why don’t you burn a few on you deck in a bowl just for the smell? Are the leaf police going to track you down for 15 minutes in your own back yard. If I didn’t live in an apartment complex I would at least try. I remember the old days when Dad raked the leaves to the side of the road where we live in a row about 50 feet long and one night he would decided to burn all those leaves after we kids had done the jump in the piles and raking the “houses” with all the room decided who belonged to who. Those years and experiences are gone but you can still light the pile and smell it. Go for it and tell us about it. judy

Peeps - October 27, 2009

Our next door neighbors have had the fire department called on them for having a fire going in their yard a couple times by a lady down the street who is on oxygen. I’d really rather avoid something similar, even though it’s a wonderful idea.

3. judy - October 27, 2009

oh! bummer. I guess you will have to smell them in your memory just like me. j

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