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Please excuse me November 6, 2009

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

After spending most of the day trying to come up with something to entertain our tens of readers, again I have nothing.

But as it turns out, while cleaning up after dinner I upset a pot of gravy.  As in, I knocked it over, not insulted it.  That’s hardly nice. Besides, it was actually fine gravy.  My wife will tell you more about later.

But fortunately, we have a dog.  And here, for your amusement, are a couple of shots of the dog finally pulling his weight around here.

I suppose this should be one more thing my mother needs to answer for. But she can’t help being allergic to dogs. Thus depriving me of the ultimate in cleaning partners. Oh well. But it’s still no excuse for all the rest of what I had to go through.
Have a great weekend.

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