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How to Make a Proper Hot Turkey Sandwich November 25, 2009

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Consider this a public service post.  After all, before you know it, this is information you’ll be looking for, right?

A long, long time ago, before Surly Boy was even born, I did a stint waiting tables.  And the restaurant where I spent the most time had the best hot turkey sandwiches, the hot turkey sandwiches that spoiled me for all the rest of them, I guess.

Now first, I want to assure you that I’m not a difficult-to-please sort of person.  I understand that different people do thing differently, and for the most part, I’m fine with that.

However.  I have been unable to find a decent hot turkey sandwich in years, and it’s just not right.  A proper hot turkey sandwich is simple to make, and it’s beautiful in its simplicity.  And since a decent hot turkey sandwich is apparently far more elusive than anyone would have ever thought, I’ve been forced to do it myself.

You know what they say – if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.


We start with some basic components – turkey  and gravy.

Slice your left over turkey, just like you would for any other sandwich.  Heat it gently, over a low heat, with plenty gravy.

You always have a ton of leftover gravy, right?


While the turkey and gravy are heating, reheat some of your stuffing, too.

Since we don’t actually have a steam table to hold our dressing, we just shoved it in a baking dish, sprinkled a bit of apple juice over it, covered and stuck it in a low oven until it was hot.

This is a crucial part of the hot turkey sandwich experience!  You have to have some stuffing (dressing) (whichever you call it) to make a proper hot turkey sandwich.

You’ll thank me later.


And the bread and potato components.  Mashed potatoes are the norm here, but sometimes, I like to mix it up with french fries instead.

This is the only time I ever put gravy on fries  (well, this, and hot roast beef sandwiches), and yes, I know it may sound kind of disgusting, but trust me – it’s actually not!

And of course, the bread.  After all, it’s not a sandwich without bread, is it?

No, it’s not.  But not just any old bread – oh, no!

Toasted white bread.  Toasted and buttered white bread, to be more specific.

Oh, this is gonna be so good!


You’ve got all your parts – now it’s time to put them together:

The buttered toast first, with your choice of potato beside it.

Then a big old scoop of stuffing right on top of the toast.

Several slices of turkey, and all smothered in gravy.

And, if it’s the day after Thanksgiving, you know you can rustle up some cranberry sauce on the side, and you’re all set!

Just like most of the rest of our little tiny world, we’ll be taking the rest of the holiday week off – enjoy your Thanksgiving with family, friends, pets, whomever – and we’ll see you right back here on Monday!



1. sjbraun - November 25, 2009

That looks just fabulous!! I’m going to hope for plenty of turkey leftovers tonight so I can try this next week. Thanks – and by the way, I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

-Thanks, Susan, you too! And if you get a chance to try it, let me know what you think of the sandwich, too. 😉

2. judy - November 28, 2009

Oh my, this is exactly like the sandwich on the menu of the restaurant where I first waited tables when I was —– *

Fred cooked simply and fillingly (new word folks) and included such wonderful pies one had to save a piece in advance before it was all gone for my favorite customers.

Such a sandwich does stay in our memories forever and thank you for waking up my memories. YUM

-You were an asterisk, Judy? 😆

I think, usually, it’s the basic, homey food that’s the best – good food cooked well and all that. It’s all well and good to enjoy a fancy restaurant or something exotic, but hot turkey sandwiches and cherry pies are “comfort food” for a reason!

3. Dian - November 30, 2009

Don’t forget the green beans. I also served this as a head cook in a family style restaurant………way back when s.s. # were not needed to get a job. Thanks for the memories. mmmmmmmmm good

Dian, welcome! Maybe I’ve just been looking in the wrong places for my hot turkey sandwiches – everyone else in the WORLD seems to know them. . . 😕

4. Melinda - December 1, 2009

oh my guess what i am having for lunch tomorrow??? i have just enough turkey for me and there is plenty of dressing left over, i made pot pie with most of the left overs so that will be just right for me me and nobody else

You go, girlfriend! That’s the spirit! 😀

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