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They Grow Up So Fast December 2, 2009

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It seems like just yesterday that our Big Lug was just a fuzzy little puppy, doesn’t it?


Believe it or not, it was a year and a half ago when we brought home our wee, 76-pound bundle of joy!

Back then, he could lie comfortably in the back seat of my Accord – trips to the beach, to my parents’ house, to swim class – there was Jarly, crashed out across the back of the car.  It was the perfect fit for all of us!

Alas, as time went on, he grew and we noticed that he was getting restless – he’d try to shift around and find a comfortable spot.

Or he’d become impatient; 10 minutes into whatever ride we were taking, he’d start whining and barking and yipping.  Right in our ears.  Nice.

It became more and more obvious that we needed a bigger car.  The question (the main question, anyway) was what kind of car?

There’s the concern about Jarly’s hips – I’m not sure he could jump up into an SUV, even if he wanted to.  That, and the mileage?  After the last several years of driving a Honda?  Yeah, I’m not about to take the SUV kind of hit.

And I drew the line at driving a mini-van.  Although it would probably be ideal for the dog – easy to get in and out of, plenty of floor space for lounging – I just can’t do it.

So what does that leave us? There’s the Honda Fit – but the inside seems to be actually smaller than the Accord- that’s not what I’m going for.  Then there are the various “sport wagons”  – but honestly, I refuse to even consider a GM until the government gets its grubby hands out of the auto industry.  That, and they aren’t much bigger than the Fit.  I need something that will transport 110 pounds of whiny dog in comfort.

PhotobucketA station wagon, that’s what.  Talk about a mom car.  (I drove a station wagon back when Surly Boy was small – nearly 20 years ago!)  You know, these days, the station wagon selection is pretty small.  Basically, in the used market, you’ve got your Subaru and you’ve got your Volvo.

The dealer down the street from us had two Volvo wagons on his lot – so we stopped one afternoon and inquired.

PhotobucketAnd about a week later, we brought our new-to-us, all wheel drive Volvo wagon home.

It’s an automatic (I’m still trying to downshift!) with a leather interior and plenty of bells and whistles – and yes, this is what I drove to Vermont last week.  And it is suh-weet!

Peeps is driving my Accord now, and his Accord will be turned over to the The Boy shortly.

We believe in recycling in our house, you know.


You know why Jarly’s looking so pleased with himself here?  Not just because he’s got plenty of room to stretch out on the back seat (which he does), but because he can climb over the seat to get into the back seat.

Yeah, that’s not cool.  And it’s not safe – it wasn’t safe when Surly Boy used to climb into the back, and it’s not safe when the dog is climbing out of the back!

So the next day, I ordered a pet barrier to keep him in the back.


It took him a while to get used to puppy jail.


About the only issue I have with the car (besides the Invisible Clutch, of course!) is that it came with a cassette player.

A cassette deck?!  I don’t even know where my cassettes are – somewhere in the attic, I suppose!  The dealer is to replace it with a CD player – he’s just got to find a stereo that will work with the navigation system.

I have no idea.

Maybe I’ll just get the cassette adapter and an i-pod.  It’ll probably be easier in the long run, because I have a feeling I’m going to be driving this car for a good, long time.


After all, it’s Jarly Approved!


1. Mazco34 - December 2, 2009

Gee, is the new stereo going to conflict with the emery board storage?

Does Rochester have a no drive and file law?

Not yet. 🙄

2. anne - December 2, 2009

Nice!! And I can relate to the Invisible Clutch. I spent two weeks driving our 5-speed Dodge Ram while my Jeep was in ICU. First time back in the Jeep, and I about put both of us through the windshield. The Jeep is weak on clutch function, but boy, do those brakes work!!

That, and this car won’t even let me take the key out of the ignition unless it’s in “P”! Which I guess is just as well – saves me from that panicky feeling when I get in and try to start it in gear, and it . . . does nothing. 🙄

3. origamifreak - December 3, 2009

Ya know, I happen to have friends who put their full-grown Newfoundlands in the back of their Fit, with the back seats folded down… Just sayin’

‘cuz my Fit is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a TARDIS… LOL

Oh, I’m sure. And we did consider that scenario, but you lose your back seat when you fold it down . . . for us, that just wouldn’t work. 😕

Now the baby can stretch out in the back AND we can actually have passengers. Or transport pies. Or both. 😉

origamifreak - December 3, 2009

LOL. Speaking of pies, feel free to transport some of them yummy-looking grape pies down here, any thyme! har har har

I’ll be sure to keep that in mind next thyme I’m in your area!

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