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What’s Mine is Mine December 11, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Information, mirth & woe, random stuff.

Our weather has taken a nasty turn (shocking, I know, in December in Rochester!), and Peeps has been running errands all afternoon and has had no chance to come up with one of his long-overdue cranky-guy posts, I offered to step in.

So here goes.  I got scraped.

The other day, some creep (whom I refuse to link to, so you’ll just have to take my word for it) stole my Beef & Barley Soup post and stuck it on his own site.  The only reason I knew was that it showed up in my comments as a “trackback.”  Which, actually, I tried to shut off, but I guess I did it wrong.  Which is just as well.

I mean, on the one hand, maybe I should feel flattered.  After all, he seemed to find my post worthy of scraping, didn’t he?

Yeah, well, that didn’t last long before a vague feeling of outrage set in.   I wrote that – not some stranger!  So I did what any civilized person would do – I sent him an email.

Please immediately remove all text and photos of my blog post from your site. This is original material, and you do not have my permission to republish.

Now that’s reasonable, isn’t it?

And off to work I went, never expecting a response, but knowing I’d at least made the effort.  Imagine my surprise when I got home and there was, in fact, a reply from one Andrei Vladimirovich:

Say me link on my site where I post you post and I delete this.

Um. . . what?  Clearly, English is not Andrei’s first language, so, in the interest of clarification:

I have no idea what you are trying to say.  Please remove our original content from your website immediately.

Polite, yet not wavering.  That’s me.

It seems that it’s also Andrei, only not the polite part so much.

Give me links at my website, and you original link and I delete this post.

OK, Andrei.  Sergei.  Gorbachev.  Whatever.  Do you even understand English?

You stole my original work. Why don’t you write your own posts?

Even guilt didn’t work on my own personal Yuri Andropov.

I write their own posts. If you do not like what I have copied your post, please send a link to your original post and a page of your post on my blog and I will remove your post on my blog. More is explained to you, I do not intend to.

Really?  More is about to be explained to YOU, buddy.  You’re a dirtbag, and that’s all there is to it.

I will not send any traffic to your blog. You are a thief.

And that was that.  I never heard back from Andrei.  IF that was his name.  I prefer to think of him as Vladimir but that’s just me.

And I didn’t post a link to his site.  And he didn’t take my stolen material down, either.  And the dude has been stealing and scraping from other sites too – like My Truant Pen – who also seems nice enough.

And that, friends, is called plagiarism.  And THAT is stealing.

Rotten, thieving commie.



1. Mazco34 - December 11, 2009

OOH! Peeps always said not to cross you. That’s why I always tried to help when Mon Capitan was still partnered with Ronald McDonald.

And just remember, with all the ridiculous posts: All your base are belong to us!

Did Peeps ever mention that I found an “all your base” coffee mug a few years back? It’s one of his favorites. . .

2. sjbraun - December 13, 2009

SO annoying!!! And somehow the whole English-as-a-second-language thing makes it even worse 😦 I once discovered a photo I had taken for sale on EBAY! (not that the photography was so great, but it was from my audience with the infamous Kate Gosselin). That was my lesson (which I still haven’t made use of, but should) to watermark photos (my daughter insists she will teach me, when I take the time to learn).

I know, right? And you’ve gotta wonder whether he really doesn’t understand English, besides. . .

You know, I keep telling myself that I should watermark my photos – also, not because they’re great or anything, but because they’re MINE! But it’s SUCH a PAIN in the neck! (Unless, of course, there’s an easier way. . . not that I’d ever just do something the hard way!)

3. Melinda - December 14, 2009

what an ass hole!!! you know i should ask my know everything friend she just started putting some kind of mark on her stuff that you HAVE to show her link she says it is really easy.i have a friend that stopped her blog and started another one someone literally stole her life putting pictures of my friends kids up, husband ( and he really is not that hot, looks to much like James lol) and started using her life as her own… it was all kind of creepy, that is when i put the private blog up actually. not that anyone would want my life, what are we coming too? it makes me angry and sad at the same time to hear that someone would do that to you. sorry you know once i start. any way back to my original thought ass hole….

I’d love to know what your friend does to stop this sort of thing. I subscribe to a blog that has a paragraph at the end basically stating that unless you’re reading this on that website, or subscribed by email or in a reader, the material is stolen and so on. I wonder if WordPress will let me automatically add something like that automatically?

4. bflynn - January 8, 2010

OK, now I’m curious! I saw your trackback but not his.

I can only hope that he scraped a post about his experiences breastfeeding or something…. 🙂

Oh, if only! That would be funny, wouldn’t it? 😆

Actually, I deleted the heck out of his trackback – I’d thought of leaving it up so people could point and laugh, but then I decided, heck, why send any of our tens of readers to his site? 😉

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