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Monday Musings: 12.14.2009 December 14, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking Challenge, Musings, random stuff.

Busy week last week!  We got our second snow of the season . . . and don’t worry, I’m not going to keep you posted every time it snows!  I just really wish people could remember how to drive in the snow from one year to the next, that’s all.


Every year, Peeps and I have attended the Rochester Food & Wine Festival, and every year (until last year), we’ve enjoyed it a lot.  This year, though, we  decided to give it a pass.

PhotobucketThen Peeps suggested that we might want to go to the Rochester Wine & Chocolate Festival, and we checked out the information.  First, admission was a lot more reasonable, and it was perfectly clear that the event was highlighting local (NY State) wines.

We said “why not?” and spent a nice Saturday evening tasting a variety of wines and some awesome chocolates.


After the wine tasting, we thought it would be nice to stop for a bite to eat, so we headed home and decided to stop at Popeye’s on our way.

Here’s the thing with Popeye’s – the food is consistently very good.  And the service is consistently very bad.  We waited at least an hour for a couple of pieces of chicken and some biscuits.

There was a guy there picking up a takeout order, an older man.  He also was waiting and waiting and waiting. . . but he spent the time singing Christmas carols.  And, basically preaching to anyone who would listen (and some who wouldn’t!)

Peeps was stunned that I had never encountered someone like that before – evidently this experience was quite common in his old neighborhood. Here’s the thing.  When I grew up, we were always taught to “make a joyful noise” and “be not afraid to preach the gospel.”  And that’s what people did – within the safety of the sanctuary.  Out in the rest of the world?  Not so much.  (I’m pretty sure that’s where the phrase “preaching to the choir” come from, don’t you think?)

So to the gentleman at Popeye’s, I say good for you! I have nothing but respect for your willingness to share your faith.  I wish more of us could be more like you.


Still working on the cat-dog tolerance thing.  (sigh)

Photobucket“Hey, Mama’s out there with the kitty cat!”

Everyone remained rather calm, for quite a while, though HE did keep kind of inching closer to the doorway.  SHE decided he’d come close enough and threw one of her kitty-hissy-fits.

After that, all bets were off, and we were done.



Don’t forget this week is the Third Thursday of the month!  Please feel free to join us for November’s Third Thursday event – just “borrow” a recipe from someone – anyone- else’s blog and tell us about it!


Complete details are here, and remember, the more the merrier!


Peeps and I were out doing our grocery shopping and had the car radio on.  (Sometimes I like to listen to what passes for the oldies station.)  Anyway, they’ve been playing an awful lot of holiday music lately, and this time we just had to sing along.

Feliz Navidad ~ Feliz Navidad ~ Feliz Navidad.
Blah blah blah blah.
I WANNA WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS  from the bottom of my heart!

We, uh, don’t know all the words.  Just the main ones.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  The weather is more and more wintery every day, and, while we do love traditional winter fare, we still like something a little lighter, too.

Monday –  We’ll start our week out with a lighter tilapia dish.  What I’ve got in mind is either pan-frying or baking the fish with a chipotle-lime butter – light and full of flavor!  We’ll serve that with some brown basmati rice and maybe roasted beets.  How  can we go wrong?

Tuesday – Peeps loves this creamy garlic chicken – we’ll serve with some pasta and a tossed salad with some sort of vinagerette.

Wednesday –  I spent Sunday afternoon making the Hearty Minestrone from January’s Cook’s Illustrated to go in the slow cooker Wednesday afternoon – it will be just the thing after swim class, won’t it?

Thursday – Would you believe we’re still pulling tins of BBQ’d brisket out of the freezer?  Yeah, well, one of these days we just might actually be able to defrost it, huh?  So we’ll do some mashed potatoes and pureed butternut squash (that we found in the freezer too).

Friday – Yay, it’s pizza night!

Weekend – In the interest of getting those freezers emptied so we can defrost them and start filling them back up, we pulled a turkey out to defrost – not the one we just got at Thanksgiving, but one from last year!  I have no doubt, though, that once the bird has been roasted and sandwiches have been eaten, at least some of it will make its way back to the freezer.  Oh well.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. angi - December 14, 2009

dont you just love those wonderful restraunts that are good eats and where you can have a good time as well.

love the menu

Thanks, Annie!

2. Melinda - December 14, 2009

as always you are just to together hmm just not right…. your menu this week sounds way to good..
and as for my snow give me a break i know it was not “real snow” as Jared told me but it is the best that it gets this close to the gulf..
it was white and it was cold so it was snow lol
and as for the third Thursday i am so freaking busy this week i will try and make it there is a bread recipe i found on one of my scrapbook sites but i m making cake balls and banana bread hopefully for the teachers that day. so if i make the bread i will post it ….
well enough chit chat see you later & Feliz Navidad.

Melinda – it’s nice that you get just enough snow to really appreciate it. Here, we get a little snow, and it’s “OK, here we go again” and we hunker down for the long haul!

And hey, if you can join me Thursday, great, but if not, I do understand that it’s a busy time!

3. judy - December 16, 2009

And the soap opera of How to Make the Cat Love the Dog continues….. At least he has not eaten her yet. And speaking of eating I didn’t hear anything more about the LAMB.

just saying. judy

Honestly, Jude? I think he’s kind of scared of her. And she knows it, too. He “pretends” to charge after her when I open the basement door, but she stands there giving him the ol’ stink-eye, and he STOPS SHORT!

One day, they’re going to be just like this:

And the lamb – was good. Lamb’s never been my favorite, but it does start to grow on you. 🙂 There’s still a bunch left (shockingly, a leg of lamb among three people = lots of leftovers!) – not sure what we’re going to do with it.

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