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December: The Roundup December 22, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in Third Thursday.

Welcome to December’s Third Thursday roundup!


This month, I was joined by Susan at Girls in White Dresses – thanks, Susan, for being such a faithful player and taking the time to play along just a few days before Christmas!  Be sure to click over there and say “hi!”

This month, I tried Mark Bittman’s version of risotto (using pasta!) and we were quite happy with it – this may end up on our short list of stuff we don’t make often enough!

So Susan blogged about making Peppermint Meltaway cookies with her girls (who, I’m pretty sure, weren’t wearing white dresses at the time!) and the trials of figuring out why the cookies flattened out (just a tiny little bit).

But still – you know, I just had a boy who had ZERO interest in baking – I think baking with daughters would be awfully fun, especially around the holidays.

That, and when you get tired of fussing with cookies, there are plenty of hands eager to help . . .

As always, thanks to Susan for playing along, and we look forward to seeing what else our readers are reading – and trying !

And in the spirit of, I don’t know, inclusiveness? I think we should open Third Thursdays up to . . . pretty much anything you’re doing.  I read somewhere that not everyone is obsessed with food.   (Actually, I, um, read that on, um, a food blog. . . )

Experimenting on your family for dinner?  Great, tell us about it!

Baking fancy cupcakes that you saw somewhere else?  Share it!

Want to try tiling your kitchen cabinets?  Do tell!

Whatever you try, wherever it comes from, I want you to challenge yourself  a little – try something different and stretch a bit, then show the world (or, you know, the tiny corner of the world that’s here, anyway!) what you’re doing!  Next month’s Third Thursday is January 21 – can you BELIEVE it’s almost 2010? – and remember, the more the merrier!

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