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‘Tis The Season December 24, 2009

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

So here we are.  Christmas is upon us!

Surly Boy is now officially home for the holidays, and WOW what a production THAT was!

The Place sends him home for Christmas and summer breaks (Thanksgiving was up to him (i.e., up to me)), and after the ridiculousness of trying to get him home for Thanksgiving, he insisted that the only form of mass transportation that would work was to fly.

(Cue foreshadowing music.)

He managed to get a flight (flights) from Burlington, VT to Newark, NJ to Rochester.  Um, OK.

Until the Burlington to Newark plane experienced mechanical problems and never made it to Burlington until after the Newark to Rochester flight had already left Newark.

Did you get that?  He missed his  connecting flight.

This was the first time my little boy has travelled by himself, and, well, being stuck in the Burlington airport for several hours, then facing the prospect of spending the night in the Newark airport, well, it would be daunting for anyone, I’m sure, but he handled it well.  There was really nothing he could do about the planes, so he stood on line at Customer Service to try to get meal and hotel vouchers – it’s a long night when you get to the airport at 2 in the afternoon, and your flight doesn’t leave until 8 the next morning!

He did get placed on standby and managed, through his charm and good looks, I’m sure, to squeeze onto a 6:00 flight to Rochester, bringing him in at 7:30.

Which I would have known if his cell phone hadn’t died.  That happens, I guess, when you spend the entire day sending text messages and making phone calls.

But he phoned me from a land line as soon as he touched down to let me know that yes, he was here, and could I please come get him.

It’s a good thing we only live 20 minutes from the airport, isn’t it?

So the upshot is that The Boy made it home for a couple of weeks, after a long,  grueling day of. . . sitting around airports.

And he’s currently touching base with his “home” friends – making plans to catch up with them while he’s home.  And maybe he’ll even make a little time for his mom, too. . .

Ah, the holidays.

Enjoy your Christmas, and try very hard to enjoy your family – but please don’t make yourself nuts!  Posting around here will likely be spotty at best for the next week or so – too much to do and not enough time to do it!  But in the meantime, a little a capella music to enjoy.

And yes, I know I posted this last year.  I like it that much!



1. anne - December 25, 2009

Do I get to be first to wish you Merry Christmas? Am I allowed to say that here? 😉 Have a great week, try not to do yourself in.

Thanks, Anne – and Merry Christmas (and happy New Year) to you, too! Of COURSE you can say that – you can say whatever you want (as long as it’s not too sweary!) – and I’m trying very hard to relax and enjoy the family. Even if it kills me, darnit! 😉

2. Melinda - December 25, 2009

thank goodness mini james is only 2 hours away… Hobby airport which is the closest to us lost the electricity can you believe that??? southwest and delta fly from there so people were outside in the cold ( i know we are wimps this is not true cold) for HOURS yesterday, it made national tv thank goodness it was not the big airport
as for the big boy the little one got Beatles rock band so all the kids (are they still kids at 20?) big and little are all here playing so i think that will keep them here for a bit, they even asked me sing with them ( of course it was the girlfriend) so now i am recovering from a vodka induced day after spending with the in laws to listening to great music
anyway hope guys had a Merry Christmas

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