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Monday Musings: 01.04.2010 January 4, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

Holy cow!  It’s 2010 – I trust everyone out there in the Internet has enjoyed the holidays – Surly Boy made it home safely right before Christmas, despite a late flight, resulting in a missed connecting plane!  It’s all good, though.



I was doing some tidying last weekend (OK, I was starting the massive project that is cleaning out my desk), and I came across a Christmas card from my Grandpa from 2000, right after his 90th birthday.  Grandma was already gone, and Grandpa was in the retirement home, and he’d printed his own cards, along with the acknowledgment notes regarding his birthday celebration . . . and he included letter openers in his cards, with a note of instruction:

Pull adhesive tape from paper and cut plastic bag to remove envelope opener – and enjoy.

I do miss my Grandpa.


So does anyone really do New Years’ resolutions?    I mean, there’s the usual stuff – quit smoking, lose weight, work on finances, be more organized. . . but really, who actually does anything differently?

Except maybe the Bitten Word guys – a couple of years ago, they resolved to cook at least one recipe from each of several food magazine subscriptions.  Which makes sense, if you think about it – after all, reading recipes and looking at pictures is all well and good, but, you know, if we’re going to kill a tree for this, we should at least make it worth the sacrifice, don’t you think?

So here’s the thing – for 2010, Peeps and I have decided to cook at least one recipe from each of the following magazines to which we subscribe:

  • Cook’s Illustrated
  • Cook’s Country
  • Cuisine at Home
  • Food & Wine
  • Cooking Light

We’ll see how this goes, huh?


PhotobucketWe have enjoyed a few days off – we’ve gotten a lot (or barely anything) accomplished.

One thing we’ve been meaning to do for ages that we’ve finally gotten started is to make our own vanilla extract – I’d ordered some vanilla beans a while back, and we finally started some extract – a pint of gold rum and four split vanilla beans – in a couple of months, we should be enjoying some delightfully flavorful extract – I guess we’re gonna have to suck it up and make some ice cream or something, huh?


When I bought the mom-car, I didn’t trade in my Honda, which, technically, leaves us one car ahead.  Peeps has taken over the care and feeding of my Honda, which has left his Honda sitting neglected.  Until now.  While we didn’t actually just give the Boy the red Honda, what with the uncertainty of winter travel, then the Panty Bomber and all, well, we helped make it a little easier for him to drive back to the Place. Now he’ll be able to leave campus more easily and potentially pick up a part-time job.  That, and now the red Honda won’t be so lonely.



We’ve gotten a bit of snow over the past few days (a bit – yeah.  It’s knee high).

But you know, however miserable it may be – and I mean “teen” temperatures, whipping wind, snow  measured in the tens of inches – there’s one member of the family who really seems to love it!  It really is a joy to see the the dog, anyway, frolic!

He just plows through that belly-high snow as if it was beach water . . . and waits patiently by the car to go for a ride.


He’s such a good boy, isn’t he?


And it’s time for another episode of “Shopping with Peeps!”


We stopped in at our local liquor store for the obligatory New Year’s Eve bottle of bubbly, and, as usual, we wandered past the actual Champagne section to see what else was going on.

I mean, while the only Champagne is, by definition, French, there is nothing wrong with a Spanish cava or an Italian prosecco.

But we draw the line at “Frosty the Snowmante.”

I mean, come on.  Really?



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan – the first plan of the year!   We’ve renewed our commitment to clean out the freezers, so we’ll be mostly eating out of the freezer for the next week or so.

MondaySurly Boy will be leaving either Tuesday or Wednesday, and he loves Peeps’s smoked brisket, so that’s what we’ll do, along with some mashed potatoes and sauteed kale.  Mmm. . . tasty and healthy!

Tuesday – From Cuisine at Home, we’ll be trying their Sausage & Fennel Orzotto – a risotto-type dish made with orzo pasta instead of arborio rice with a fresh tossed salad. . . we shall see!

Wednesday – It’s swim class again!  We made some stock over the holidays, and we’ll be putting together a chicken soup, using mini tortellini instead of noodles – full of flavor and filling – yum!

Thursday – We had a small pork loin roast knocking around the freezer, so we’re going to roast it with a maple glaze – an old favorite, and one I’ll tell you about later on – served with some roasted butternut and some sort of potato, it’ll be delightful!

Friday – Yay for pizza night!  We’ve been having calzones for the past couple of weeks – we can cook several at the same time – but it sure will be good to get back to enjoying good old-fashioned pizza!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Melinda - January 4, 2010

Glad you had such a great holiday, mini James leaves later today and i already miss him….
anyway that rum thing i think i am going to try it costco out here sells the beans in a tube and i wonder why buy the fresh stuff like that now i know.
well off to take Jr grocery and drug shopping glad you are back

Hey, Melinda, it’s good to be back – thanks! The Boy is leaving Wednesday (I think) – I’m kind of torn between missing him and rushing him out the door . . . he’s pretty high-maintenance sometimes. 🙄

Definitely, if you pick up some vanilla beans, be sure to try them in ice cream or custard, too – super yummy!

2. Mazco34 - January 4, 2010

Pick up a job and maybe chicks too!

As long as I don’t have to hear the details. . .

3. sjbraun - January 7, 2010

How cute is that from your Grandpa … 🙂
He sounds like a real personality.

Oh, Susan, I could go on and on about Grandpa. . . he really was a character, and I do miss him!

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