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New year, new decade… January 8, 2010

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

…Pretty much the same old crap.

People still drive like idiots.  Elected officials still think they know what’s good for me.  And Hollywood is still making stuff they need to leave alone.

I know, I know.  I’ve complained about this before.  And I probably will again.  But honestly.  I realize that all the good stories have been done.  But do we really need to keep recycling the bad ones?  Or the hideously awful ones?

A few days ago, I found this list of movies coming out this year.  Go ahead and read it.  Carefully.  I’ll wait.

You’re back?  Good.  Did you break any teeth reading what’s coming up?  No?  Impressive.

Now, I can understand the sequels.  If the first one made money, another one probably will, too.  Although, twenty-two years after the original is a bit of a stretch for “Wall Street 2”.  And while I’m very much looking forward to “Iron Man 2”, the idea of Micky Rourke as the villain is a little silly.  And I really wish he’d put on a shirt.  And really, a second “Tron” movie?  Wasn’t the first one painful enough?

But why do they feel the need to remake everything?  And why so many in one year?    There are almost a dozen remakes scheduled to come out this year.

I can understand “Alice in Wonderland”.  Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  It was practically written for them to do.  And with luck, I’ll actually go see it.  But why would anyone care about a remake of “Footloose” in June?  The 80s are over, how can this movie go anywhere?  And I shudder to think of what music is going to replace Kenny Loggins.

Other 80s classics getting a remake include “Red Dawn”, “Nightmare on Elm Street” and that all time stinkburger “Clash of the Titans”.  I’m still annoyed that I paid money for that one.  It’s an entire year of pain that Hollywood is shoving at us.

And of course, no year is complete without the obligatory 70s TV series turned into a movie.  And they’ve pulled out all the stops this year.  We get “The A-Team”.  Seriously.  It’s enough to make a person cry.  And wait nervously for the remake of “Airwolf”.

So, apparently, I’m going to be saving a fortune by not going to the movies almost all year.  Cool.



1. Mazco34 - January 8, 2010

Here’s one you might check out:

Peeps - January 8, 2010

Wow. I’d heard something about this coming out. But I’m not paying money to see it, I think.

2. Barb - January 8, 2010

That sound is me hitting my head repeatedly on my desk. (It’s got a slosh to it because I have such a cold.)

The problem is that, while *I* can certainly leave that….words fail me…stuff alone, my daughters will want to see some of it because they’re young and impressionable and they have friends who will go see it and …

Dude, I am so going back to bed until next year.

Peeps - January 8, 2010

My sympathies. If they do go see any of this stuff, try drinking a lot to get through it. It might help.

Mazco34 - January 8, 2010

If you do have to see it, just tell your daughters that you thought The Runaways were really cool.

That should get you out of it. (Reverse Peer Pressure)

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