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It’s a Matter of Priorities, I Think January 15, 2010

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I think we forget, sometimes, what’s truly important.

One day, you’re going along, living your life, complaining about your job, hating your carpeting, worrying about the cable bill, when suddenly, it’s just made crystal clear.

Every now and then, we recall the 2004 Christmas tsunami and sort of breathe a sigh of gratitude.

Then we think of Hurricane Katrina, just a few months later,  and feel shock and sadness – that was a lot “closer to home” – not only in our own hemisphere, but in our country!  We’re still seeing the effects of this tragedy; we, as a nation, are one of the wealthiest and best-equipped in the world, yet we’re still trying to recover from Katrina.

Now unless you live in a cave, you’ve no doubt seen or heard about the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti this week, and even if you are in that cave (which I know you’re not, if you’re reading this!), I doubt you could have missed this.

The magnitude of this earthquake in this place – as well as the accompanying destruction – is . . . almost unimaginable.  The immediate injuries, the injuries that are necessarily left untreated, the disease and infection that will inevitably follow. . .

I’m not going to post pictures here – you’ve seen them, and if you haven’t, well, you know how to find them.  Casualty estimates are currently ranging from 5,000 to upwards of 100,000 – and while I’m sure total losses will fall  somewhere between those two figures, it’s still a lot of pain and suffering – and for a country that was really none-too-well-off to start with.


You realize that, hey, you know, you’ve got it pretty darned good.

You have a home that’s in (mostly) one piece.

You know where your kids are – and they’re in (mostly) one piece, too.

Heck, you have safe water to drink!

Do you ever feel helpless?  Like you’d like to help, to do something, but what?

Or is it just me?

The New York Times has posted a list of Haiti Disaster Relief charites, which may be a place to start.

And I suppose if I did that tweety thing, I’d have known about this a few days ago, but I found something else interesting – you can donate with your cell phone.  At the time of this writing, just the Red Cross has already raised over three million dollars – $10 at a time, via text message.  Which is relatively painless, believe me.

Americans really are the most generous in the world, aren’t they?



1. sjbraun - January 17, 2010

It *is* a feeling of helplessness … I don’t even want to look at pix anymore because they make me feel so bad, and … helpless. But then I feel bad for not looking – sigh, vicious circle.

We sponsor a little girl in Haiti, at an orphanage called Mission of Hope. I’m thinking of sending an extra donation their way; I’m sure they could put it to good use.

I know what you mean. And really, why aren’t those people who are taking pictures doing something?

Have you heard anything from or about your little girl or her family?

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