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January: The Roundup January 26, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Welcome to January’s Third Thursday roundup!


Once again this month, I was joined by Susan at Girls in White Dresses – as always, Susan, thanks for being such a faithful player and taking the time to play along!  I know life can get a little crazy this time of year – it’s great to have regular readers – and people who like to play along!

This month, I tried braising some pork belly – though I’m still trying to find a saner version that I can do more than once in a blue moon!  Aside:  I should have done this in December, when we actually had a blue moon!  Next time!

Just a little musical interlude. . .

So anyway, Susan showed that she’s a dedicated Dark Side reader – she picked up my Stupid Easy soup, and went back to the source and made Chipotle Chicken and Tomato Soup – she tried chipotle peppers for the first time, which kind of took her family by surprise!  You know, I sometimes forget that behind that smoky-tomato-y exterior, there’s a jalapeño lurking!

I hope, though, that this first experience didn’t put you and your family off of the southwestern flavor of chipotle peppers, though – I just have to keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

As always, thanks to Susan for playing along, and we look forward to seeing what else our readers are reading – and trying !

And remember, we’re opening  Third Thursdays up to . . . pretty much anything you’re doing.  Not everyone is obsessed with food, and not everyone feels the urge to experiment in the kitchen (or dining room)!

Whatever you try, wherever it comes from, I want you to challenge yourself  a little – try something different and stretch a bit, then show the world (or, you know, the tiny corner of the world that’s here, anyway!) what you’re doing!  Next month’s Third Thursday is February 18 – and remember, the more the merrier!

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