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More Freezer Cleaning February 9, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Food, Freezer Meals, random stuff.

You know, I have just about HAD IT with opening the freezer in the morning, digging around for some fruit with which to make my morning smoothie, and having stuff fall out every morning.

This has just gotten out of hand – time to do some (pre) spring cleaning, I guess.

So I spent half an hour or so cleaning out the above-the-fridge freezer — the one that ends up storing all the leftover ends of this and the let’s-save-it bits of that . . . and I found a couple of quesadillas.

I remember those!  We made them last fall, shoved them in the freezer, and we’ve been  enjoying them off and on for quick-ish weekend lunches or late suppers since.

When we remember them.  That’s the problem, isn’t it?  You make something great, shove it in the freezer to enjoy later, and promptly forget it.  Which, all things being equal, may not be such a bad thing – it’s kind of like, “oh, hey, look at the wonderful surprise I just found in the freezer!” and it’s like, I don’t know, a treasure hunt or something!


So how, you ask, did these wonderfully magical quesadillas come to be?

Remember how Peeps loves his smoker?  Late last summer, he smoked a couple of boneless turkey breasts.  One got sliced into sandwich (or whatever) slices, and the other, we diced.

Meanwhile, we took a couple of cans of beans – one each pinto and black beans, and drained and rinsed them.  I hate the sticky, slimy bean juice in the cans . . .

PhotobucketOnce the beans are thoroughly rinsed, we dumped them into a REALLY BIG mixing bowl, along with some diced turkey (about 4 cups), and chopped red onion (a couple of onions).

But of course, that’s not all!

To the beans, turkey and onions, we’re going to add a bunch of other stuff –

PhotobucketA cup or so of cooked corn (we like to use our grilled corn), a couple of cups of shredded cheese – cheddar, pepper jack, colby, whatever you’d like.  Or even a combination – go wild!  A bit of garlic, a squeeze of lime juice, and some chipotle (maybe a tablespoon or so), and then, the secret ingredient.

Shhh. . . we also added about half a cup of apricot preserves.  The jam helps stick the filling together, adding a “mystery flavor” – and no fat – it’s a win-win if you ask me!


And now we’ve got our filling ready to, well, fill.

We lined up a bunch of burrito-sized flour tortillas on the counter on corresponding pieces of aluminum foil.

We measure about a half cup (more or less) of filling onto each tortilla, and shuffle it over to one side, then fold each tortilla in half, wrapping in foil and folding the edges over to seal.


Ultimately, we ended up with 12 quesadilla-packets, which we packed in packages of 4 – mainly because that’s how many packs would fit comfortably in a gallon zip-top bag.

We stuck them in the freezer, to be retrieved for a quick dinner or easy lunch – after all, how much easier can it get?


Heat a lightly greased griddle or large saute pan over medium heat and get it fairly hot, then place the (defrosted) quesadillas on griddle (or pan) and cook until golden brown on one side, about 3-5 minutes. Turn and continue cooking until golden brown on other side, and quesadilla is heated through, another 3-5 minutes. Remove from heat and lest rest a minute or so before cutting into wedges.


Is this the stringy, cheesy decadent treat we’ve come to expect when we hear “quesadilla?”  No.  What it is is a healthy, hearty meal – full of wonderful flavor, and just enough cheese.  And the variations are endless – don’t like pinto beans?  Use all black beans.  No corn?  Throw in black olives.  Whatever you want – it’s YOUR dinner!

I like to serve it with just a dab of sour cream – sour cream never hurt anything!



1. kseverny - February 9, 2010

they look good.
Do they still taste nice after a stint in the freezer.
some food does

Thanks – they’ve actually been in the freezer a couple of months, and you’d never know it – they’re still just as tasty as they were when we made them. I think the trick is being sure to wrap the quesadillas tightly – just try to make sure the foil is covering all of the tortilla, otherwise it will dry out.

2. Nickoshi - February 9, 2010

Wow those are some tasty looking quesadillas right there, I love how you store them. I try storing some stuff, but around here food goes fast, the children and men here seem to eat anything and everything the minute it’s made. Now I’m hungry lol.

I know how that goes – I grew up with 2 brothers! 😆

3. judy - February 10, 2010

oh yummy!

They are, Jude – and I’ve unearthed two left in the freezer, too. Lunch!

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