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Chili – The Other White Meat February 11, 2010

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I remember the first time I had white chili.


I was working in downtown Rochester, at my very first post-college full-time job as a paralegal.  We were in the Executive Office Building, and on the lobby floor of that building were two restaurants – one was kind of an upscale lunch-and-dinner pub sort of place – Barrister’s was one of the favorite meeting spots for, well, lawyers.


Then there was the Executive Deli – it was actually more like a “cafeteria” than a “deli,” actually.  That was where most of the office workers in the building would meet for lunch – you got to recognize some of the other people who took their lunch hours at the same time, and eventually you’d meet new people and make a friend or two.


So one day, there on the “soup and salad bar” one of the soup-of-the-day specials was something called “white chili.”  I had never heard of such a thing!  It kind of looked like bean soup, only . . . not quite.

Chili?  With chicken and no tomatoes? Really?

But the lady I was having lunch with encouraged me to try it – she said it was “really good” – the best around – so I tried it.


And it was really good!  Not at all spicy, but something more than a simple bean soup . . . interesting, that’s what it was.

Over the years, I’ve tried to recreate that chili, and I’ve gotten close a few times, but, unfortunately, I have a history of throwing things together and not recording it, so the next time, I have to start all over.

I’m trying to develop better habits.  Really.

So anyhow, over the years, I’ve played around with the white chili, even introducing the concept to Peeps (who was as amazed – and pleased – as I was).

Then I stumbled upon an actual written recipe – oh joy!


I followed that recipe fairly closely, though, of course, we made a few changes – I had a combination of jalapeño and poblano peppers that I added to kind of spice things up a bit, and I used the last of our smoked chicken breast – now that’s chili!

We served this chili with a pan of corn bread (of course!) and a bit of sour cream, and, well, I’ll just say, we weren’t at all disappointed.  In fact, I dare say this white chili may have been better than what I remember from the old Executive Deli – who’da thunk, huh?

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