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Cheat to win! February 12, 2010

Posted by Peeps in Cooking, Food, random stuff, Work.

I am not above cheating if it suits my purpose.  Please don’t get me wrong, I like doing stuff from scratch.  There’s a lot of satisfaction.  But once in a while, either someone can do something better than I can or I’m just really lazy.  And so, I cheat.

My boss (who is an entire blog post on his own) makes the best Alfredo sauce I’ve ever had.  Ever.  And because he can’t just keep the stuff until it’s gone, when he’s ready to throw some of it out, I’m right there with my hand out.

There were a couple containers of Alfredo sauce in the freezer.  And Toys was serious about cleaning out the freezers.  Okay, twist my arm.  We’ll have Alfredo.  But there was also a recipe we saw on one of the gadgets on our Google home page that was for Fettuccine Alfredo with bacon.  Dude.  Okay, we had a plan.

Now, you may remember the last time I tried making my own bacon.  Toys ordered me some curing salt a few weeks ago, and picked me up a pork belly to try again a couple weeks ago.  And I tried again.  With MUCH better results.

So, dinner.  I sliced some of my homemade bacon into thick slices.
See, it even looks like real bacon.  These slices got further diced to make lardons.
These went into a pan to brown. And to make the house smell wonderful.  After the bacon was a lovely golden brown, it was removed from the pan and the bacon fat was saved for later use.  Dude.  Bacon fat.  How could I not save it?

The bacon went back into the pan along with the Alfredo sauce from work that had been thawed.  Heat slowly on low heat while the pasta is cooking.
Once the pasta was done,it got drained and then tossed with the sauce and bacon.

Serve immediately, along with a simple salad and some good bread.  Oh, and maybe a grind or two of fresh black pepper.
You have a seriously sinful dish, that is incredibly satisfying.
I plan to keep working on perfecting my homemade bacon. Particularly once the weather gets a bit warmer, so I give a smokier flavor.

But while I’m willing to work hard at making my own bacon, I’m more than happy to eat my boss’s Alfredo sauce.  Because I’m not afraid to cheat.



1. Nickoshi - February 12, 2010

I ❤ Bacon… I would put it in everything if i could, bacon flavored ice cream anyone?

Peeps - February 12, 2010

We actually have a recipe for candied bacon ice cream somewhere in the house. We just might have to dig it out.

2. Mazco34 - February 12, 2010

Thou art the man!

Peeps - February 12, 2010

I do what little I can. Thanks.

3. Mazco34 - February 12, 2010

You forgot the omnipresent glass of milk!

Peeps - February 12, 2010

Actually, while the milk was good, a good Chianti would have cut through all the fat and made the dish sing.

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