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What is wrong with people? February 19, 2010

Posted by Peeps in news, random stuff.

Last week, the local news had a story about a man who shot his 7 year old son and then himself.

A couple days ago, a story broke in New Jersey about a 21 year old “man” who threw his 3 month old girl off a bridge.

WTF?!?  What is going on here?

I realize that I’m getting old, but my understanding was that parents were supposed to protect their children.

Have you noticed in the last few years that acts of violence that never would have happened when we were children have been sharply on the rise?  I’m not talking so much about ordinary street crime.  Although, there was a very unusual mugging here a few years back.  Two punks pistol whipped a nun.  Dude.  So very wrong.

No, what I mean the number of seemingly ordinary people who suddenly seem to lose it in a spectacular way.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.  There have been a lot of people over the years that I would have loved to hurt.  In fact, I used to work not ten feet away from the dumbest human being on this planet.  Not a week went by when I didn’t want to choke her until her eyes popped out.  But I didn’t.

Very little is worth spending time in prison.  And the last time I looked, it’s pretty much a sure thing when you start killing people, particularly small children.  How can a person’s life be so awful that prison is a better alternative?

The rate of violence from people who aren’t normally violent is climbing at an alarming rate.  Road rage, airport rage, sports rage.  There are all kinds of cute names for it.  It’s nothing cute.  It’s people forgetting that they are part of a society founded on law.  And a significant symptom of the decline of our society.

Is there an answer?  I honestly don’t know.  I’m sure that the Tin Foil Hat crowd probably has several reasons for this type of behavior.  My wife came up with a theory that makes sense to me.  She noticed that the rise in violent crime started right about the same time the Atkins Diet started.  All sort of people doing without carbohydrates, which are the body’s mood stabilizers.  It’s no wonder everyone is so cranky.

Maybe people need to pay attention to this.  Instead of planning on shooting the entire office to bits, stop and have a big bowl of pasta. Then rethink the options.  It’s worth a try.

Perhaps my wife can come up with the solution for the lack of common courtesy next.  One can only hope.


1. Nickoshi - February 19, 2010

yup, lots of people going nuts and killing there kids and then theres the really freaky ones that stalk pregnant women so they can kidnap the baby before its born *shudder* I hid in my house just for good measure while pregnant lol. The atkins diet works miracles but man it is a pain in the butt when all you want is a slice of bread ARG.. *twitch* bad memories. im a firm beliver in the seefood diet, I see it, I eat it, that is untill i make up my own diet that i will market for zillions of dollars and then i will restore world peace and clone elvis. 😉

Peeps - February 19, 2010

Sounds like you have some good goals to work at. Best of luck.

2. Mazco34 - February 19, 2010

And that human being still hasn’t improved. Her daughter has now surpassed her, intellectually.

Brother, it’s amazing neither of us have pushed her off her high heeled boots.

As Toys would put it, “I’m just saying.”

Peeps - February 19, 2010

We’ve both met plants smarter than her. And my mother has asked me why didn’t I kill her.

3. Mazco34 - February 19, 2010

Hey, your mother had her chances. We could have used a senior defense.

She did however, loudly mention “Getting off her fat ass” as an option for getting something done.

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