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Cheeseburger cheeseburger! March 4, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger?  Especially for lunch?

I’m not talking about a Big Mac here – I’m talking about a real burger.  You know what I mean – fresh lean beef, melty cheese, smoky bacon, with onions, ketchup, mustard, relish, all on a soft roll. . . c’mon, you know you love it!


So anyway, I’ve taken it upon myself to occasionally make a nice lunch on Saturdays – it’s the end of the work week for Peeps, and one of the busiest days of the week for him, and he usually comes home just dragging his butt. . . so the least I can do is show a little appreciation for him, you know?

PhotobucketWell, a couple of weeks ago, Susan over at Girls in White Dresses posted her weekly menu plan, and something caught my eye – her girls had requested Cheeseburger Buns – and I looked at the recipe and said . . . .hmmmmm.

And I thought about it.  Mulled it over in the back of my mind, you might say, until the time was right.

Peep had brought home a couple of pounds of frozen ground beef from a local beef farm, so I asked him to pull one out of the freezer for me the night before, and we were in business.


It should be noted here that he had NO IDEA what I had planned – I hadn’t quite figured out exactly what I was going to do yet, and, well, I kind of wanted to surprise him.

I went to the freezer to find a pound of bacon and, well, we didn’t have any.  So I brought up a package of sliced, smoked ham instead.  Hey, it works!

Then I started a nice, soft whole wheat bread dough, and got that rising.


I sauteed the ground beef, along with a diced onion (and drained as much grease as I possibly could off), then added about 1/4 pound of diced ham, a bunch of ketchup, some yellow mustard, and some sweet pickle relish, stirred it together and set it aside to cool.

This burger is gonna be LOADED, baby!


I had used quite a bit of yeast in the bread (2 tablespoons!) so it only took about an hour to rise – significantly!

I punched it down, divided in half, and divided each half into eighths.  There may be easier ways to divide it into 16 even parts, but, you know, I’m not so good at that math stuff.


And now the fun part.

First I took 8 slices of American cheese, unwrapped them all, and divided each slice into quarters and set them aside.

I flattened each little dough ball into, well, into a wee little dough circle – about 5 inches across.

In the center of each dough circle, I first placed 2 cheese quarters, then 1/8 cup (2 Tablespoons) of the burger meat mixture.  (Remember the meat?  Yeah, it should be cool enough by now so it doesn’t actually melt the cheese.)


OK, I lied.  That wasn’t really the fun part – THIS was!

Once I had the cheese and meat on the dough, I just sort of gathered the edges together and made a little, I don’t know, sack.

A little meat and cheese bread dough sack.  Yeah.

Scrinch the edges together, and gently shape it into a ball, with (and this is important) NO LEAKS! and place, scrinched seam side down, on a lined (or greased) sheet pan.


I did these balls one at a time, because, well, for one thing, counter space.  I ended up with 8 rolls on each of two trays.

Cover them and let them rise again, this time, only about 20 minutes, or, really, until the oven has preheated (that would be to 400° if you’re playing along at home).


Bake on upper- and lower- middle racks for about 10-15 minutes, rotating once halfway through baking time, until the rolls are GBD.

Remember how I warned you not to have any leaks?  Well, I had one.  I speak from experience.  (Though, to be honest, it wasn’t that big a deal  with the silpat-lined pan.   Just kind of a waste of cheesy goodness, that’s all.)


Anyway, serve warm, and enjoy.

OK, so here’s the thing – these little guys were WONDERFUL!  They tasted just like a loaded burger on a nice, soft roll – full of melty cheese and smoky ham!

And think of the possibilities!

Philly cheesesteak rolls!

Korean beef rolls!

Chinese pork rolls!

I don’t know, maybe even ratatouille rolls!

The printable cheeseburger version is here – do give it a try and let me know.



1. Nickoshi - March 4, 2010

wow that looks really good… and creative! I would love to learn how to make bread but it is sooo intimidating, I always get the bottom of things bread related (buiscuts out of the tube etc.) either to brown or almost burnt lol.

Nikoshi, try moving the racks up a bit in your oven. Do you have an oven thermometer? Your oven may also be hot. This is a super-simple recipe – and very forgiving if you wanted to give it a try. 😉

2. anne - March 4, 2010

Do you have a sure-fire way to divide dough evenly? I have a recipe that I make very frequently, that makes either 8 or 12 English muffins. For the life of me, I can’t divide that dough evenly. I’ll get some that are double size, and some that are flat little hockey pucks. I try to pat it into a perfect circle, or log, or some identifiable shape, then sub divide. No matter how close they look, they ain’t. Ever. 😕

I don’t know. Usually, I start by just trying to divide “evenly” but that doesn’t usually work out so well for me, either. Then I try to pat stuff into a circle and divide it like a pie, and that’s a little better. Then I end up taking a pinch of this one and adding it to that one . . . 🙄

Sometimes, when I’m feeling really ambitious (which is, um, not very often), I’ll drag out the scale and the calculator (um, let’s see, 27 ounces, divided by 12 rolls equals, um, um, will it come out even in metric. . . ?) Yeah.

3. The_Swedish_Chef - March 5, 2010

I am gobsmacked over how delicious this looks! Honestly, the photos and step-by-step directions are incredible! Thanks so much for inspiring us all into making this!

Why thank you. 😳

I’m thinking of doing cheese steak rolls this weekend. . .

4. sjbraun - March 7, 2010

I never doubted you could make these into a thing of beauty! Seriously, you need to be a chef – or cook and photograph your creations for a book – or something. You’re quite inspirational!

The way you divided the dough is great, and my girls were loving looking at it.

Aw, I think you give me too much credit – it never would have occurred to me to try this if you hadn’t mentioned the original recipe first. 😉

And, you know, I can’t just leave well enough alone!

But thank you for your encouraging words, all the same.

5. Pary Moppins - March 8, 2010

Oh my gosh cheeseburger buns look so fun! My little one (and my big one for that matter) will laaaaaahhhve these! I will be putting them on the menu soon. Thanks! Oh, and I’m glad to know that someone else has a bottomless pit for a freezer. 🙂

Do let me know what you think! I did try them again over the weekend, this time with part of a box of Steakums that was lurking in the freezer, some provolone cheese and caramelized onions – also not bad! 😉

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