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Monday Musings: 03.08.2009 Edition March 8, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff, Shopping With Peeps.

Wow, what a difference a week makes, huh?  Last week at this time, we were still digging our way out from under a good two feet (plus) of heavy, wet snow.

This week?  Grilling, seriously thinking about the garden, and I ACTUALLY went outside without my coat on!

Just wow.



Don’t think we’ve forgotten our New Year’s “sort-of resolution.”  You remember – how we have determined to at least one thing – something – 0ut of each of the cooking magazines we receive?

Well, we haven’t forgotten.  But sometimes, it’s been, well, less than newsworthy, that’s all.

I made Cook’s Illustrated’s stir-fried broccoli to go with Chinese BBQ pork and rice this weekend – it was quite tasty.  I did think it was a little spicy, but I was mighty generous with the sriracha sauce, so . . . well, you know.


How about another gripping episode of Shopping With Peeps?

PhotobucketSo we’re in the grocery store, in the spice aisle picking up kosher salt.  Fine.  Peeps pointed out a NEW ITEM! – McCormick’s Recipe Inspirations.

So here’s what it is – apparently it’s a “blister pack” of sorts – for $2, you receive six pre-measured herbs/spices for a specific dish – things like Apple & Sage Pork Chops or Garlic Lime Fajitas – there are currently six choices.

Oh, but wait – there’s more!  They also each come with a recipe card.




Has anyone, anywhere, ever actually used an egg slicer for, you know, slicing eggs?

In  addition to the newest use I’ve found for mine – slicing beets – I’ve used it for slicing potatoes for potato salad, and I’ve even heard of people using them for slicing mushrooms, strawberries, and eve kiwi fruit.

But I’ve never once sliced an egg with it.




It’s time for the weekly menu plan – oh, the excitement!  Although spring may be in the air, winter is still well and truly in charge – we’re breaking out the grill, but we’re certainly not putting away the soup pot!  Meanwhile, we’re on a quest to weed through some of the (ahem) recipe archives – you know, the newspaper clippings and random stuff we’ve collected over the years.  Peeps and I have agreed that neither of us will print a new recipe for the entire month of March – we’re just going to have to make do with what we’ve got.

Monday –  Our good friends at Google Weather tell me that Monday is the day to beat, weather-wise – mid-40 temperature is definitely warm enough to grill!  I baked us some beans this weekend, and we’re going to grill some burgers – it’ll be just like a cookout!

Tuesday – I started digging though some of the archives, and evidently, at some point, I went looking for recipes using barley – we like barley, so how about a barley-bean-cheese casserole thing?  It’ll be interesting, if nothing else.

Wednesday – Ah, Wednesday – soup night.  We did a big (BIG!) batch of Chinese BBQ this weekend – only instead of loin chops, I used a whole 8-pound pork shoulder.  We’ve got TONS left over – on purpose.  One of the things we’ll be doing is tossing together a Chinese pork and noodle soup, using the Asian stock I made a month or so ago – and, of course, some noodles Peeps brought home from work.

Thursday – I don’t expect the reasonable weather to last very long this week, and add to that the fact that I am starting to get ridiculously busy at work.  What that tells me is that we’re going to be leaning more toward comfort foods (with a minimum of effort) by this point in the week – so we’ll be enjoying some chicken and biscuits, using some of the chicken we’ve been roasting now and then and some homemade chicken stock.  It’s already made, so all we have to do is whip up some biscuits.  (Or even dumplings – it doesn’t matter much at this point!)

Friday – Pizza night – Peeps is sampling a new ricotta for work this week, so instead of actual pizza, we’ll be enjoying calzones, which we haven’t had in a while.  I love calzones – it’s just a trick to try to keep the amount of cheese reasonable!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.




1. Ryan - March 8, 2010

I think I might’ve made a cob salad once with my egg slicer, definitely have done the mushroom gig with it, but I had trouble with tougher caps on anything but white button mushrooms.

So, what you all are saying, then, is that I’m the only person who hasn’t used an egg slicer to slice eggs, then, huh? 😉

2. The_Swedish_Chef - March 8, 2010

1) I use an egg slicer! I love it! It was my Gran’s and I use it for decorative slices of eggs on egg and potato salad.

2) Noticed those blister packages of McCormick’s several weeks ago, hanging blithely over the various meats at my market. Oddly, when I went to the McCormick website, there was NOTHING available on them, but that was 2 weeks ago. They might have updated their site since then; we’re selling them for $1.99.

Eggs on potato salad? Oh the humanity! 😉

We just saw the spice packs for the first time – all six flavors, right there in the spice aisle, big as life, with “NEW ITEM!” signs on Each. And. Every. One. 🙄

And as for the McCormick’s website – yeah, Peeps had to really search for them.

3. Leah - March 8, 2010

I have yet to see those McCormick Blister packs around here but they look (regional roll-out maybe?) I hope they go national, they look like a really good way to get the spices you need for just one dish/meal with out having to buy the whole bottle.

That’s true – there are a lot of people who may not be familiar with a particular spice or herb. You’re right – sometimes a whole bottle of a spice is a little much to spend for something you may not ever use again!

4. The_Swedish_Chef - March 9, 2010

Perhaps they are test marketing the blister packs but this is in a backwater grocery in the woods of Michigan…what the heck kind of test market is THAT? LOL I love it because it keeps your spices SUPER fresh and helps beginning cooks to learn about the benefits of seasoning. They had 4 different packets, hanging above the appropriate meat it was to be used with.

I don’t know – I think I read an article that said McCormick was “rolling them out” in January – I’m guessing the test marketing would have been done previous to that?

And that’s pretty clever- placing them by the appropriate meats! I’ll bet they move a lot faster that way than in the spice aisle!

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