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It’s A Dog’s Life March 12, 2010

Posted by Jarlaxle the Wonder Dog in Big Lug, random stuff.

I am Jarlaxle and I am Excellent.


You know what else is Excellent?  Snow.  Snow is Super-Excellent!

One Friday morning, we got up at our regular time to do our regular stuff – Papa tries to take me outside .

Did you ever play this game with your people?

Get up!  Get up! Hurry!  I’ve gotta pee!

Not really – PSYCH!

It’s an Excellent game, and they fall for it every time!  I love my folks, but, you know, you’ve gotta wonder how much good those opposable thumbs really do ’em, if you know what I mean!

So anyway, I usually wait and come downstairs with Mama when she rolls out of bed.  I hate having to go back up and remind her it’s time to get up!  Me, once I’m downstairs in the morning, I don’t like to go back up until bedtime – it’s so much easier that way!

So we got all bundled up – Papa put his heavy coat on and gathered up his stuff for work, and Mama suited me up with my walking collar and my leash, then she put on her coat and boots and hat and scarf and gloves.

They should really try growing fur – it’s a lot easier to get ready to go out!


And then – Oh My Goodness!

Boy Howdy – it SNOWED!

It snowed a LOT, too!  And it was STILL SNOWING!  When Papa leaves for work, I usually take Mama for a walk, but this time Papa didn’t leave.  He just got in his car and . . . stayed there.  Mama and I tried to help him by pushing on the car.  (Only I was mostly pulling on my leash because it was time to WALK!  In the SNOW!)

Only we didn’t walk very far.  Mama kept muttering something about “Jack London” and not being able to see anything, so we only went as far as we had to go (if you know what I mean) before we turned around and came home.

It was GREAT! The wind and the snow – it was just like that Weather Movie they watched that one time!

And we got back to find Papa’s car still in the driveway, blocking Mama’s car, and the front walk was all shoveled for us.  Yay – they’re both staying home!


By a couple of days later, it had pretty much stopped snowing, and it was Long Walk Morning, so away we went.    That snow – it was everywhere!

There were piles and mounds and snow banks.

People had built snowmen, but I don’t really like them very much – they’re creepy.

I have to BARK! BARK! BARK! at them and tell them to Quit Staring At Me!


Come on, guys, let’s get out of here!


Mama and Papa still wanted to play ball with me, though.  Mama calls it “give training” but I know she just likes to play with me and give me cookies when I drop the ball for her.

I don’t mind – as long as I can find it!

Sometimes it’s hard to see in the dark, and a tennis ball doesn’t really smell like much when it fall into a hole in the snow.


Here you go, Mama.  OK, now where’s my cookie?

Boy, I’ll bet that smelly old cat couldn’t do that?  Ha – my tennis ball is almost as big as her head!

Plus, she doesn’t get stuff nearly as wet and slimy as I can before giving it to them.  They love it when I hand them the ball right out of my mouth!

Playing in the snow is just the best, isn’t it?



1. The_Swedish_Chef - March 12, 2010

This isn’t RECENT snow, is it? Yikes! I love the video of Jarly: not only Snoopy music but NO ADULT FACES, just like a real Peanuts cartoon. Cats or dogs just have us wrapped around their little fingers, don’t they?

We finally, finally got rid of our Michigan snow last night with a gully buster of a storm! Knocked the power clean out for 3.5 hours! But, we had a blast and laughed in the face of darkness and silence!. Sons are on Spring Break so we were all up at the cottage; we have gas powered heaters, stoves and water so we were in the lap of luxury! Put candles up everywhere (25 of ’em!); made caramel applejuice toddies, popped popcorn, had the MP3 player blaring with hot jazz through the battery operated speakers, and played 4 games of cards before the power came on. When it did, we were blinded and chose to shut off all the lights and continue to play cards until bedtime.

Snow or rain storms are nature’s way to say “Chill Out, My Friends!”

I don’t know – it was maybe last weekend, the weekend before? Yeah, two weekends ago – we got buried under about 3 feet of snow, I think. Fortunately, we didn’t lose power – I’ve been in this Town for nearly 15 years, and I only recall losing power for any significant length of time once (we’re close enough to Lake Ontario, I guess, that we’re used to the storms – we don’t lose power, and our schools don’t close!) – that time we dragged out our battery-operated radio, opened a nice bottle of wine, and listened to our local mid-day talk show and curled up with our books under a quilt. All in all, not an awful way to spend an afternoon. . .

And you know, to see that dog now, you’d never believe that 6 months ago, he could barely walk, would you? The poor baby has severe hip dysplasia (to the extent that he barely has hipbones), but we’ve been swimming him and keeping his weight down, and he’s doing amazingly, isn’t he?

2. The_Swedish_Chef - March 12, 2010

That’s a GREAT dog story and hooray! that he’s jumpin’ and leapin’ around in the snow. Guess the swimming really helps!

Isn’t it amazing how much good a little exercise and a proper diet will do! Now just to get it through my own head. . . 🙄

3. bear - March 12, 2010

hi jarly,

my name is bear and i live in new jersey. i was adopted by a friend of your papa. he’s kinda big and goofy, but he loves me.

anyway we had some snow here and my dad got some video of me playing. it’s not as deep as your snow. if it was i wouldn’t be able to go out!

glad you’re feeling better. hope to see more video of you playing, preferably in the swimming pool.

Oh what a sweetie! With the fluffy tail just a-wagging, too!

We’re hoping to get to the beach in a few weeks – end of April maybe? Once, you know, the snow and ice are gone for good. 😉

4. anne - March 12, 2010

Don’t those boys have fun in the snow!! Our little girl is not quite so enthused. She’ll go out for a little while, but eventually her princess feet get cold and she has to come in by the fire. This year has been especially good, we’ve had snow three or four times! Nearly a foot, all total.

*anne ducks and runs for cover*

Jarly is quite a good writer. 😉

Oh, dear, Anne, however do you stand all that snow?

And I hear they make special boots for little princess feet – I have a co-worker who has a pair of little princesses . . . so that’s, um, a lot of widdle puppy rainboots. . . 😯

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