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Incredible March 19, 2010

Posted by Peeps in news, Politics, random stuff.

I never used to pay attention to what local politicians ever did.  It was sort of like following minor league sports.  They might make it to the majors, but until they did, very few people would notice.  Since I started living in the Empire State, that’s been changing.

I don’t know why it is, but politics in New York gets far more ridiculous than most other states.  I first started noticing about five years ago.  There was a news item about how the state government decided that to make all our lives safer, they were going to make a law requiring cigarettes to be self-extinguishing.  Seriously?  You really think a piece of legislation is going to keep Darwin at bay?  The people dumb enough to smoke in bed will find some other way to off themselves.  Without question.  But leave me out of it.

But the last couple weeks have seen a whole lot of political silliness going on all over the state.

Our new governor apparently annoyed pretty much everybody, and not only is he no longer going to actually run for the office, there’s a very good chance he won’t make it as far as election day.  Oh well.

Then there’s the whole Eric Massa thing.  Dude.  I am so glad I’m not in his district.  I don’t know the whole story, and frankly never want to.  But what’s come to light is so silly it even made Saturday Night Live funny again.  Briefly.  Wow.

Down state, we have some idiot in a suit wanting to ban salt.  Really?  To keep us healthy?  Idiot.  Actually, the very same idiot who got the trans-fat ban happening in New  York.  I’m not exactly sure what trans-fats are, but I’m pretty sure that I’d like them.  Fats of any sort are usually a good thing.

New York is a culinary Mecca.  Mr. Ortiz wants to turn it into a wasteland.  Which would not be good for the local economy, by the way.  You know, I have a mother.  And there are times I don’t listen to what she thinks may be good for me.  I don’t need another one who can be even a bigger pain in the butt.

And the really awful part is that all this crap going on all over the state is drowning out the really local news.  Like progress in the triple homicide that happened last week in our town.  Two blocks from our house.  I really don’t approve of multiple murder happening so close.  And it’s a shame that really important news has to take a back seat to our elected officials and all their antics.



1. Mazco34 - March 19, 2010

Come on, have you forgotten the crazy antics of some of your home states finest idiots.

Like the one who shot up his county issued car with an Uzi and then claimed he was attacked by drug dealers. Also, he claimed that he shot and killed one of his assailants.

Or the other famous county DA. Made a living off of the Search and Seizure law. Even when it didn’t apply. He got caught bullying a store owner for “protection.” Just before sentencing he cut the ankle bracelet. When police finally found him he took the coward’s way out.
(Side note: He was the only person who appeared on “Cops” as law enforcement and as fugitive.)

Or almost any mayor of the city where you worked.

Maybe not as great as your new home. But we did produce some winners.

Toy Lady - March 19, 2010

Yabbut, yabbut, Maz! Did they make new state LAWS stating that it’s now illegal for anyone to shoot up his own car with an Uzi? Yeah, that’s what we get.

Peeps - March 19, 2010

I remember the moron who shot up his car. He was nuts. The other one doesn’t ring a bell. But it doesn’t surprise me much.

2. anne - March 19, 2010

Y’all make me feel better. Our big claim to fame is John Edwards. Oh, and the Duke Lacrosse rape case. There’s a reason you get the big bucks.

Peeps - March 22, 2010

Well, John Edwards is nothing to be proud of. Unless you’re his hair stylist. And the whole Duke thing was messed up. But they have a fine basketball team year after year.

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