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Monday Musings: 03.22.2010 Edition March 22, 2010

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What better way to observe Saturday’s being the official First Day of Spring than . . . to observe the first of the spring crocus (crocuses?  crocii?) budding?

It’s been a long, rough winter (don’t we say that every year?) (but then, here in upstate New York, pretty much every winter is long and rough!) – anyway, happy spring!



Did you ever feel like you were just swimming upstream?

Barely keeping your head above water?

Poor Jarly – he gets such a workout at swim class!  We can always tell when he’s starting to get tired – his tongue just gets longer and longer!  But he’s still grinning, though!



And meanwhile, back at the ranch, Miss Kitty has re-discovered her love of the garden window.

It’s a safe perch where she can watch three directions outside, plus she’s safely out of reach of you-know-whom.  As long as she keeps quiet, he doesn’t even know she’s there.

While the idea of nasty little kitty feet on the kitchen counter is just repellent, we learned long ago that it’s virtually impossible to keep her from that window.  And as long as she restricts her travels to from the sink area to the window – well, we can live with that, I guess.



How about another episode of Shopping with Peeps?

This time, we hadn’t even made into the actual supermarket!  We parked the car and were walking to the store, when Peeps noticed, there in the median in the parking lot, a pair of little boys’ shorts.

Somewhere out there, there’s a half-naked kid running around!  (I wonder if he was on his way into or out of the store when he lost his pants?)


PhotobucketAnd you know, just when I start to think things are settling down on the, um, Furry Front (heh!), SHE starts in again!

I know he shouldn’t go after her through the kitty door like that, but is it really fair to expect him to just IGNORE the blatant challenges she insists upon issuing?

While I’m not giving up on teaching him to “just ignore her,” well, when they do start, they both get the squirt bottle.

I don’t care WHO started it.  And I’m not replacing that door until they learn to get along, and that’s that.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  This is the time of year that we have to pay particular attention to the weather forecast – after all, who wants to be trying to grill in the rain or roasting pork during an “unseasonably warm” spell?  Of course, it still takes a lot of guesswork this early in the week, but . . . well, we try.

Monday – Monday’s weather is forecast to be kind of rainy.  Add to that the fact that we’ve got one lonely strip steak left over from the weekend that should get cooked sooner rather than later.  (What happens when you package things in “2’s” and you have a third person for dinner?  You end up with one extra!)  So, since I like to use just enough meat in stir-fry to be able differentiate it from “stir-fried vegetables,” well, there you go.  I’ve got a single fennel bulb that should make an interesting stand-in for cabbage, and I picked up some carrots, broccoli and snow peas – though rather than serving with rice, I think we’re going to do a lo mein – and just toss it with noodles instead.

Tuesday – We’re still working on the “no printing new recipes” thing – and believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds!  However, a while back, I found and printed this recipe for Chili-Lime Tofu.  Now before you start to worry about us, no, we’re not going to use tofu – we’re going to use mahi-mahi.  I figure that’s a mild whitefish, and it should absorb the bold flavors quite nicely – without the, uh, textural issues of tofu.   Along with that, we’ll steam some nice jasmine rice and maybe saute some spinach.

Wednesday – The weather should be clearing up by Wednesday, but since it’s soup night, well, we’re having soup!  Peeps is going to put together a potato soup with the couple of leeks that are still in the fridge and some  country ham from the freezer (and probably way too half & half!).  Also, since we recently got this month’s Cooking Light, we’ll be trying No-Knead Overnight Parmesan & Thyme Rolls with it – that should work quite nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Thursday –  Yay – grilling weather!  We also recently received Food & Wine, so we thought we’d try the Spicy Lemon-Rosemary Pork Tenderloin featured in this issue.  We’ll halve the recipe and cook it on the grill rather than a skillet and oven.  Along with the pork, we’ll serve some sort of roasted potatoes and a tossed salad – yum!

Friday –  And pizza night rolls around again!  I’ll tell you, last week’s ricotta cheese topping experiment was delightful!  I’m going to try to recreate it this week, and this time pay more attention – maybe even write it down!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - March 22, 2010

And the furry ones continue to dance the dance! Nice entry today~

Oh, yes, they’re still at it! 🙄

2. sjbraun - March 23, 2010

I love how you can find interesting things to say about the little things (ummm – does a pair of kid’s shorts in the parking lot qualify as a little thing? 🙂
Your menu sounds delish, as usual.

Why thank you! And, you know, they were fairly small shorts! It’s just a good thing we didn’t have the dog with us (though why we would, I don’t know) – he loves to pick stuff like that up on our walks and take it home. . . we’re getting quite the hat collection! 😉

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