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Monday Musings: 03.29.2010 Edition March 29, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.


So last week, Peeps made the No-Knead Overnight Parmesan & Thyme Rolls from last month’s Cooking Light magazine.

These rolls were the perfect complement to his rustic potato-leek soup, though he’s not sure whether it’s worth it to make them again – the dough was very wet and difficult to work with.

But the rolls were really good.



Remember last week’s just-barely-budding crocus?  Crocuses? Crocii?

They’re open now – yay!  And I saw a blooming daffodil, too, at the diner on the corner while I was walking the dog.

I planted something like a bazzillion daffodils in the front yard, but I think the squirrels at them.

Stupid squirrels.  They ate my tulips, too.


So.  Does anyone wonder just WHY the auto industry is in such trouble?

PhotobucketDo you suppose it might have something to do with, um, multi-tasking?

I mean, what do you think of when you think of a “Jeep?”

Do you think of, perhaps, luggage?

Or, hey, how about wheelbarrows?   We needed a new wheelbarrow (the old  one got a flat tire), and Sears had one on sale, so . . . how could we not?  It’s a Jeep!



Remember how last year, my parsley came back?

Well, it’s doing it again – yay!  Not the same plant – the one I planted after last year’s finally went to seed and died.

This time I won’t make the same mistake, though.  I’ll go ahead and plant a couple of new plants right away, and enjoy the old plant early on.

Yeah, I learn from my gardening mistakes.  And believe it or not, parsley is much more than a garnish!


Oh, look at the brave kitty!  She actually came UP out of the basement, THROUGH the kitchen, and was (technically) (possibly) within sight of the dog.


Then she started meowing and scratching at the sliding glass door.


She probably wanted to get out so she could run away from home.

I think she was mad at me – I squirted her with the water bottle for instigating.

She really does start it – and the poor dog ends up with a bleeding nose.  She’s such a troublemaker.Photobucket


And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  We’re really chomping at the bit for grilling weather – it’s nice for a couple of days, then it’s nasty for a couple of days, and it’s driving us nuts!  The first half of this week is going to be cool and damp, with the weather warming up (to 70!) by Thursday.

Monday – Last week, we experienced a few technical difficulties.  We ended up foraging for dinner Monday, having Monday’s dinner on Tuesday, and, since Tuesday’s dinner was fish (which was frozen), we just skipped it. We do still want to try the chili-lime mahi-mahi, so we’ll do that this week.

Tuesday – Our (self-imposed) magazine challenge  is still going, and this week, we’re breaking out Cook’s Country magazine and trying their “Creamy Baked Risotto.”   I’ve heard good things about it, and, well, it’s Cook’s.  I found some fennel in the freezer, so we’re going to try that addition to the baked version.  We love fennel in our risotto.

Wednesday – While swim class night is usually soup night, this week, we’re going to do Cincinnati chili – Peeps shoved a bunch in the freezer, and we’ll just reheat it in the crockpot, then, when we get home, all we have to do is cook some spaghetti.  That’s simple enough, wouldn’t you say?

Thursday – The forecast is for 70 and sunny – hello grill!  We have a family favorite grilled honey-dijon pork  chop that I’ll be sharing with you before before the summer is in full swing – and what does it tell you when this is one of the first things we grill this spring?  This stuff is wonderful!  I also picked up the first of the new potatoes at the market this weekend, and a beautiful head of romaine lettuce for salad.

Friday – Pizza night!  I’m still hoping to get another week out of that ricotta Peeps brought home from work – it’s so simple, and so delicious.  I weigh my toppings (portion control is much easier that way!), and it’s simply 60 grams of ricotta and 42 grams of mozzarella, with about a teaspoon of my Tuscan herb blend, a pinch of salt, and a couple of grinds of black pepper.  This is so good – simple and full of flavor – I can’t even imagine going back to the “extra cheese and pepperoni” of my younger days.

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. bear - March 29, 2010

a cat in the basement!

that would be awful.

where would i go when there are storms and lightning and thunder and stuff?

that’s almost as scary as the scary stuff.

Aww, poor Bear! You should get your papa to hold you in his lap. Jarly loves sitting next to me. Then sort of partially on me. Then all over me like a big furry baby. 🙄

bear - March 29, 2010

he does. he will get up and stay with me in the living room.
i’m not afraid when the lights and tv are on and i am with mama or papa.
papa will sleep on the couch and i will put my head in his lap.
but then mama comes out and calls papa to bed. and then i’m afraid again.
last night, mama gave me some “tough love.” she kicked me out of the bedroom and i was on my own.
i made it through! we were all so very happy.

Awww. Poor Bear – you don’t even get to sleep in the room with your people? How are you gonna to protect them?

2. Judy - March 29, 2010

Thanks as usual for an up date on Kitty. Yes, water bottles can be a good thing but I am glad to see her up and about more though!

The flowers are wonderful. Sorry about the bulbs. Any way they could be protected against squirrels during the winter?

I don’t know, Jude. I suppose I could plant more and put something over them, but. . . I probably won’t. I’m thinking of putting some loganberries in the yard where the tulips were. . .

3. Judy - March 29, 2010

forgot to tell the puter to keep me updated.

4. Leah - March 29, 2010

Glad to know that I am not the only person on the planet that doesn’t care for the squirrels aka tree rats. Vengeful little trouble making thieves!

Ugh – and they’re slobs, too! We have a couple of neighbors who leave peanuts out for them – PEANUTS! Because flower bulbs are apparently not satisfying, I guess. So I find peanut shells all over the yard. And the deck. And the garden. I even found one balanced on TOP of the grill one time! Plus they steal the seeds I put out for Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. And they sit on their wire and LAUGH at me! And at the dog, who hates that and tries to chase them.

Nasty little troublemaking vermin. Blech.

5. anne - March 29, 2010

Well obviously the squirrels need their protein from the peanuts! I mean, if they’re only eating bulbs .. and birdseed .. they must have a balanced diet.

I need that Jeep wheelbarrow. My real Jeep has been dead in the driveway for a full month, while DH pokes at it. It is now dead inside the garage. I need the wheelbarrow to prove that something with a Jeep logo still rolls. 😦

what? They ate all those acorns last fall.

And the wheelbarrow – Sears. Dude, it was like half price. (And as far as I know, The Boy’s Jeep wheelie-suitcase still rolls, too. Just sayin’.) 😉

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