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In My Hood, Yo March 31, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Home, random stuff.

First, a little background.

I bought this house long before Peeps and I were married, back when it was just me, Surly Boy, and, um, his pet rat, Iago.

And as a “single mom,” well, I needed a house in a decent school district, but one where I could keep up the mortgage payments.  So what we ended up with was what’s known as a fixer-upper, I think.  It’s a small-ish house, and every single room (and the roof) (and the garage) needs work – nothing hugely major, mainly just updating.


Some stuff is an easy fix, sort of.  The previous homeowners apparently had a fondness for busy, busy walls with lots of stuff on them.  You see that blue and tan flowery stuff?   Hideous, isn’t it?

The entire kitchen was paneled with that stuff, which, yeah, it’s a tiny kitchen, but that actually made it worse . . . it was  enough to make a person dizzy!

I actually spent the first weekend after I closed on the house priming and painting the kitchen – before  I’d even unpacked!


I guess, like everyone else who moves into what was, for all intents and purposes, someone else’s house, I had the best of intentions.  I had PLANS!  and IDEAS!  I was going to turn my humble little shack into a BEAUTIFUL HOME!   And I did quite a bit – most of it by necessity.  (If you’re replacing the windows anyway, it only makes sense to add a glass door in the dining room.  And a deck.  Right?)

One by one, we did have to replace the appliances, and we had the good sense to buy “good stuff.”  And to have it installed.


But there was one holdout — the range hood.  That hideous 1970s gold – in my stainless kitchen –  ugh.  But it just wouldn’t quit working!

And then – insult of insults! – I was roasting a chicken and the smoke alarm went off.  I’m sorry, but “it’s done when the smoke alarm goes off” just isn’t gonna fly around here.

We needed a new range hood – with a fan that actually, you know, sucks.  In a good way.

PhotobucketSo it was time to go shopping. Peeps has mentioned how Mon Capitán gifts our office with mall gift cards for Christmas, which, really, is quite nice of him.  And honestly, Sears has everything.  Including new range hoods.

And really?  The range hood is basically plug-n-play.


Isn’t that awful?  Sometime in the dim past, someone stuck a regular light bulb rather than an appliance bulb into the socket, and it, um, melted the lens.

That was not me.  It was like that when I got it.

And on top of that, it looks like no one ever changed (or cleaned) the air filter.

And it should go without saying that this range hood doesn’t vent outside.  Of COURSE not.


So we had to find a “convertible” range hood – one that we could either attach to ducts or not.

And since we had the old hood there, Peeps was clever enough to pay attention to how it was hooked up, and he basically  mimicked that.

Isn’t he good?


And the range hood itself just slid onto the already-existing screws, he connected the wires, and there you go.

Just stick the (new!) (clean!) filter on,  screw in a couple of (appliance) light bulbs, and we are good to go.

Now, doesn’t that look better than that old gold thing?


I might even have to roast a chicken or something, just to test out the fan.

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