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More on The Boy April 7, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

So.  If you’ve been following along at home, you’re familiar with at least the most recent installments of the Surly Boy saga, right?

And if not, here’s the recap.

First, obviously, Surly Boy is my son – and he has earned his name.  Boy, has he.

He moved out at 19, got a job as a machinist (oh, yay), then got laid off.  Eventually, he came back home for a few months, until his grandfather offered him a job as a mechanic-trainee.

That didn’t work out so well (the grandfather in question being my father, and the boy in question being my son, let’s just way we all share certain personality traits, and, well, there’s a reason I don’t live in the same town (or county).  Just saying.)


Round about last summer, The Boy decided that he wanted to be a welder when he grows up, just like his dear old dad.  We don’t talk about his dad much because, really, why?

So, being the supportive parent I strive to be, I kept my mouth shut (Welding?  Really?) about his wasted potential (practically bit my tongue clean off, I did) and we packed him off to Vermont for vocational training.

He’s been home a couple of times since – he was home for his 21st birthday, and I spent some time reflecting on THAT milestone.

We managed to get him home for Thanksgiving, which was an adventure in itself!

Of course, his personality being what it is, he certainly had his share of problems – not necessarily all of them completely his fault, but . . . well, he does have a history habit of problems just seem to follow him, that’s all.  I don’t know why.  It probably has something to do with how nothing is ever his fault.  Ever.

Anyway.  He’s finished his training – he’s obtained all the welding certifications he can (he’s evidently something of a teacher’s pet) (just please don’t tell him I said that), and he’s ready to move on.  Beyond ready.

His instructor set up an interview for him, and he was offered the job – no, it’s not in Alaska working on The Pipeline (or whatever they’re welding in Alaska these days).  He accepted a position as a “trainee welder” in New Hampshire.  New Hampshire.  A state over from Vermont where he is now.

So anyway.  Before he heads off to the wilds of New Hamster, The Boy will be coming home for a few days to, I don’t know, get his affairs in order.  Mostly, I suspect, it’s to say goodbye to all his old friends from school, but who knows?  Maybe he also wants to see his mom before he goes out on his own – farther from home than he’s ever really been and away from the safety net of grandparents or school.

So meanwhile, we’ll be taking the rest of the week off – I know The Boy is planning to visit his dad over the weekend, and I want to spend a little time with him before he officially moves away. . . *sniff*



1. Mazco34 - April 7, 2010


I think I’m going to cry.

Well, he did do a favor for me once, years ago. I asked him to be flatulent in Timmy C’s office chair. I told him it was okay.

Now, whether he did or not, it doesn’t concern me.

It was the effort that counted.

Oh, now you stop that! You know Surly Boy was nowhere near Evil Tim’s chair!

Plus he’s never flatulent!

2. Judy - April 8, 2010

OH.. big changes on the way again. Does he have housing arranged? It will be ok. My son moved to west Texas from Colorado when he was 20 and married! I confess I worried some. Enjoy the visit.

Hey, Jude! Yeah, he’s found an apartment and already sent the deposit. On the bright side, it’s really not any farther than where he’s been in Vermont – just more east than north, that’s all. And yes, I certainly worry, too.

I’m hoping he’ll manage to make some time for his old mom sometime this weekend . . . 🙄

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