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On Sharp Things and Freebies April 9, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

Remember back in high school how the guys loved their stereos?  They’d crank up Stairway to Heaven and sit there in front of their big old speaker stands fiddling with the balance and the base and, well, they were really into the music, man. . .

Or maybe that was just the guys I knew in high school, I don’t know.  When I described that scene to Peeps, he kind of gave me that look – the one that says “I have no idea what you’re talking about”  That look.

Yeah, you know the look I mean.

See, here’s the thing – Peeps is a fan of sharp things.  He’s collected knives (and swords and other things) for as long as I’ve known him.  So it only stands to reason that, when it comes to kitchen knives, he would be a little particular.

And when he had a birthday a while back, I did my homework and I bought us him the best knives I could find – the Forschner Victorinox knives – from the same people who make Swiss Army Knives.

PhotobucketCook’s Illustrated has consistently named the Victorinox chef’s knife a best buy.

If you ever happen to catch Sarah Moulton on PBS, note that she uses a Victorinox too – it’s a darned good knife!

And then, what do you know, we were approached by CSN Stores about doing a giveaway, and I thought, what do people need?  Good knives, that’s what!

So here’s the thing.

Tell me a sad knife story.  Tell me, in the comments, why you need a decent chef’s knife, how it will make your life so much easier (which it will!).  Don’t tweet it, don’t FaceBook it, just leave a comment – that is all!

Well, actually, go ahead and tweet or whatever if you want to, but it’s not going to earn you extra entries.

Then next Friday, April 16, Peeps will do two things.  He’ll tell you about his love of sharp things, and he’ll announce a random winner.

And let’s face it – when you’re competing with our TENS of other readers, well, your chances of winning are pretty good, aren’t they?

And the really cool thing – this knife is so reasonably priced that even if you don’t win, you deserve to treat yourself to a decent knife – go ahead and buy it for yourself!



1. Ryan - April 9, 2010

My parents have used the same knives without any sort of sharpening for at least 35 years, it drives me completely nuts trying to cook at their house. I’d really appreciate a nice new knife so I can help them in their advanced age eat right and learn to cook a little better.

2. Mazco34 - April 9, 2010

I think a good quality knife would let me speed through onions faster, yet still give me the control to dice some parsley or thin slice a tomato.

3. nina - April 9, 2010

I would really like to win this knife, because the knife I have doesn’t hold its edge. I love 2 cook & having a great knife makes the experience that much greater.

4. Nickoshi - April 9, 2010

My sad knife story:
Once upon a time there was a lonely girl in a kitchen who wished for a knife unlike any other for she was tired of toiling with her hand-me-down knives from k-mart, so one day she did the unthinkable! She got on her knees and begged for a new shiny knife on a blog she visits quite often.

So ya, the story is cheesy but honestly, if you saw my knives you would beg too. I have a mismatched set of knives donated to me by my mother in law that are so dull they take a bit of elbow grease to cut jell-o, but hey, they work… and they do work quite well if you put your back into the carving *grin*

5. Kath the Cook - April 10, 2010

Hi Toys and Peeps –

If you check these kinds of things, I’m a regular visitor and reader. I enjoy your culinary explorations and posts. I’m an avid cook and my knives are SORRY! A dismal hodgepodge of whatnot and dullness.

This knife would be incredible! thanks for your efforts and happy cooking – best – Kath

6. kayatthekeyboard - April 11, 2010

I have a reasonably decent set of Henckels knives, but they do NOT include a good chef’s knife. So I don’t have one, making do with the carving knife that’s part of the set. I’ve been lusting after a Wusthof at the local culinary supply store, but I’d probably cut off my thumb. So a Victorinox would be a Fine Thing as it would fill the gap in my kitchen while preserving my appendages.

7. Flower - April 12, 2010

I lost some of my knives during a move … a chef knife is one I do not have. Right now I can barely make ends meet, so I haven’t had a chance to pick up a good quality one.

I have to admit, not having one, makes cooking a chore …. I miss cooking but can’t be bothered to fuss about prepping w/o a proper knife.


8. anne - April 12, 2010

Sadly, I am a clumsy cook. Well, I’m clumsy in most every aspect of life, actually. But this is about knives. On a fairly regular basis, I will approach DH with a paper towel-wrapped digit in one hand and a bandaid in the other. His response is usually “have you been cooking again???”

We all know that sharp knives make a cleaner cut than dull knives. It would certainly accelerate my healing process if I had a nice sharp knife to cut myself.

I promise to sign a waiver absolving you of any responsibility, since you’re a legal eagle. I’ll even buy my own bandaids.

9. Cheryl - April 13, 2010

I think that my story is more stupid, but here goes…When I was younger. my parent always had dull knives so I was cutting an apple with a butcher knife in my HAND. Thought that it was a duller knife then it was and gashed my hand. I am not this stupid anymore, but I would love to have a nice sharp knife!

10. sjbraun - April 13, 2010

Well, my sad story is that I don’t believe I’ve ever used a chef’s knife! I use my dull little cheap paring knives for pretty much everything – well, other than cutting up chicken – for that, I use a kitchen scissors (I know, I know – you deserve commenters with more culinary education, no?).

So – I would love to try a really good knife, just to see what its capabilities are. Thanks for a great giveaway!

11. Schmidty - April 14, 2010

When my barely twenty-something daughter moved into her first place (hole-in-the-wall on the edge of campus), I *very carefully* selected a few of my cherished knives for her (she loves to cook, a plus!). I even bought one of those fancy snazzy electric sharpeners and gave them all a nice edge. (A couple of Chicago Cutlery, a Wustoff …some nice knives!) …..and one day she arrived home and her roommate had moved out and taken all of my/her knives! That’s my sad knife story. 😦

On the brighter side, I would love to win this giveaway. I love a good knife and currently do not have a good chef’s knife (see story above). I do hereby promise if I win this knife it will not fall prey to unscrupulous roommates.

By the way, I think we knew the same guys in high school. 🙂

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