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Monday Musings: 04.12.2010 Edition April 12, 2010

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First thing – if you haven’t entered our knife giveaway, be sure to skip on over there and leave a comment for a chance to win the drawing for a Victorinox 8-inch chef’s knife!  Peeps will be firing up the Random Number Generator Thursday at 3PM Eastern time, and he’ll announce the winner Friday morning, so be sure to get your entry in!


You know how we can always tell, without fail, that Spring has finally arrived?


The lions are out!

There’s a house a few blocks from us, and their driveway is flanked by a beautiful pair of white lions – I have no idea what they are – they are very white, and clearly very heavy.  Their owners take great pride in them – they shroud them in canvas for the winter, protecting them the elements.

But as soon as any danger of snow or road salt has passed, the lions are unveiled, and spring is here!

Who needs that stupid groundhog, anyway?  I’ll take the lions, thank you very much!



I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have my herb garden back!

I mean, sure, I’ve been able to occasionally pick through the snow to grab a leaf of this or a sprig of that, but it’s just not the same, is it?

Now I can go out and pick practically whatever I need – yeah, it’s going to be a couple of weeks before everything’s in full swing again, but still.

Hello, herb garden – I’ve missed you so!


So.  My darling boy has been home for the past few days.  He showed up at around 5:30 Wednesday morning – long before I expected him.  He’d evidently decided to drive through the night (less traffic) and he drove straight through the mountains to save half an hour or so of driving time.

PhotobucketAnd when I say he was “home” I mean “in this state.”  He’s spent the lion’s share of his time with his “girlfriend.”  And by “girlfriend” I mean some girl he went to school with, re-connected with  on Facebook or something, and, well, spent most of his last weekend home with.

But hey, we had some fun – he did come around to file his tax returns.

And a good time was had by all.


(Is it really fair that my little boy is growing up to become my father?)


So I’ve realized something about convertibles.  They’re not intended for studley guys, and they’re not supposed to be for hot chicks.


Nope.  Convertibles are for old bald guys whose hair won’t get messed up.



And who is the tiredest puppy of all?  I really didn’t think we walked him all that hard this weekend, but I suppose,what with the all the excitement of his brother  Surly Boy running in and out, not to mention the strange girl and the grandparents stopping by, well, I guess a dog can only take so much, huh?

I know he’s OK, though – I could hear his snoring from across the room!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  Now that the  Boy is on his way back east, things can sort of get back to normal – at least for the time being!  We’ve checked our local forecast, and our menu’s looking . . . not too bad.

Monday – While the weather is supposed to be rain-free, it’s going to be chilly – so Peeps wanted to try chicken-fried steak from Cook’s Illustrated’s The Best Recipes. With mashed potatoes, of course.

Tuesday – One of the cool things I got at the market was a bunch (head?) of escarole.  So. . . what to do with it?  How about a barley risotto with beans and greens?  Dude.  It’s barley, beans, and greens.  Does it get any healthier than that?

Wednesday – Wednesday is swim night and expected to be perfect grilling weather (60’s and sunny). Rather than the soup of the colder months, we found an already-seasoned, ready-to-grill cocoa-spiced pork tenderloin in the freezer that will be perfect to throw on the grill when we get home.

Thursday – Since Tops is running split chicken breasts on sale, what better time to revisit those lovely oven-roasted chicken breasts that we enjoyed so much a couple of months ago?  Plus, I’m going to need to make a batch of chicken stock this weekend, so hey!  Boning chicken!

Friday – And it’s pizza night!  I feed the sourdough on Tuesday morning, Peeps comes home from work and makes the crust, and into the fridge it goes until Friday, when we get to enjoy the magical mysteries of the sourdough pizza crust.  This week, we plan to add some cooked Italian sausage and maybe even some ramps – yum and double yum!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. Melissa - April 12, 2010

Do you have a recipe for your sourdough pizza crust? My sourdough starter has been neglected since the weather started getting warmer, so I’d love to find a new recipe to use it.

2. anne - April 12, 2010

Is the Big Lunk actually sleeping nose down on the stairway?? He must be awfully tired!!

Yup. That’s exactly what he’s doing. He was snoring and all. 🙄

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