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April’s Third Thursday – the Forgotten Week April 22, 2010

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It’s already the third fourth Thursday of the month – thanks to Girls in White Dresses for the reminder last week!  I just don’t know where the time goes sometimes!  So anyway.  I found this EXCELLENT recipe a while back for, of all things, something called Caterpillar Bread.  This is not really a blog I read regularly, but I found the photo and just had to check it out!  And what better time to try something fun and kind of weird than a Saturday while Peeps is at work and I can surprise him with lunch? (And he can’t try to talk me out of it!)   PLUS it’s the weekend Surly Boy is home?  Oh yeah.

PhotobucketCaterpillar bread is, as best I can understand it, All The Rage in Malasia.  Or at least, the two references that I can find to this particular bread on the entire internet are nostalgic blog posts about a childhood treat, both written by Malasian women, so  obviously.

I started with a fairly rich bread dough – what the original blogger called “basic sweet dough.”  This recipe makes a fairly large batch of dough – I followed the directions and used the scale to weigh out 70-gram portions.  Sixteen of them.


It would have been helpful if the recipe had told me HOW MANY 70-gram pieces of dough I’d be making, so I’m telling you.

Then I needed hot dogs – I went with Hebrew National kosher dogs – the low fat ones.  I’m assuming there’s less, uh, garbage in them.  I learned a long time ago never to read the ingredient labels on a hot dog label.  Words to live by.

And really?  WHY do they sell them in packages of SEVEN?  I mean . . . Really?  We always end up with an odd roll.



You’ll take one of your hunks of dough, roll it out, and center a single hot dog on it, then wrap the dough around the dog and seal seal it up.

And by the time you do sixteen fourteen of them, you’ll get pretty good at it, too!

I did them one pack of hot dogs at a time – that’s pretty much all the counter space I have!


Now the nifty part!

PhotobucketYou’re going to take each hot dog and cut it into several pieces – I cut it into 8 pieces – it’s just easier to get them even that way.


Don’t cut it all the way through the dough – just cut the hot dog – you want it all attached together by a strip of dough on one side.  Each whole hot dog is going to ultimately be its own pastry, of a sort.


Once you’ve cut the bread dough-encased sausage, then sort of fan the pieces out so they look like, well, I don’t know what they look like, actually.  It doesn’t look a caterpillar, that’s for sure!

I very carefully transferred each, um, caterpillar to a lined sheet pan – each pan held 7 hot dogs plus one extra blob of dough roll.


See what I mean about those stupid seven-packs?  What is the deal with that, anyway?

Oh well.

So.  Once all my little weiner-caterpillars were built, I just set the pans aside to rise once more, for about an hour.

Now, and here’s where I kind of deviate from the original recipe – not much, just a little.


The recipe I was using said to brush with egg wash, then squirt mayonnaise and ketchup on the rolls.

Um, hello?  Anyone else think that’s kind of weird?  And redundant?

So here’s what I did – I combined a good-sized spoonful of mayonnaise with a smallish spoonful of ketchup, and brushed THAT on my rolls.  After all, what is mayonnaise but eggs and oil?  Sounds kind of, sort of, almost like an egg wash, right?  Of course!

Then I sprinkled cheese on top!  Anything with some cheddar sprinkled on top automatically gets bonus points, you know?

PhotobucketInto the 375° oven for about half an hour – until the bread is done.  Let it cool while your husband is in the shower, then amuse yourself by serving Caterpillar Bread for lunch!

Is it weird?  Yep.

Is it fun?  Absolutely.

But the best part – it’s delicious!  The bread part was wonderfully sweet and rich and tender, and it complemented the hot dogs wonderfully.  Really, it was just like hot dogs on really good rolls, that’s all.

We enjoyed them for lunch Saturday, as did my brother.  Then Surly Boy and friend of his stopped by and they left us, um a couple for the next day’s lunch.

Honestly, I’d make these again – I may even try a breakfast version, maybe smaller rolls using links of Brown & Serve sausage?  I think they’d be a fun project to do with kids – they’re a little fussy, but not difficult.

If you’d like to play along (and I hope you do!), leave a comment with a link to (or description of) your Third Thursday project – tell us what you’re up to!  For loose guidelines, or if you want to check out some past Thursdays, they’re right here!



1. Nickoshi - April 22, 2010

That looks really interesting, I can see it being very versatile also

Absolutely! I’m thinking I can do something for a holiday brunch with it. . .

2. Joanne - April 22, 2010

G’day! Being American born and bred and now an Aussie who calls Australia home, this recipe is like a “Trip Down Memory Lane”! These were/are a comfort food that always seemed like a treat! Thanks and enjoyed the photos and the referral to the other blog re the recipe!

You’re very welcome, Joanne! You know, I had never seen nor heard of anything like this, but I can how you’d have such a fondness for them!

3. sjbraun - April 23, 2010

Oh my – my girls would love these. And yes, I’ve read that HN are the best brand of hot dogs. They must be, because I’ve bought them a time or two and they do have a different taste.

They do taste different – and honestly, I think part of it is that they just taste salty! We eat so few processed foods anymore that when we do – WOW! But still, they’re kosher, so I know there are different “rules” about what goes into them.

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