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Fattitude May 5, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.
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It’s all about the fattitude.  That’s what I’m going to tell myself from now on.

You will recall that, quite some time ago, I embarked on a weight-loss quest.  Or something.

See, here’s the thing.

While I am all for eating a healthy diet and getting a healthy amount of exercise, I am not about to become a slave to weight loss.

I refuse to start a diet that I’m not willing to live with, and I won’t spend more time “exercising” than I spend “living.”

I guess I’m kind of stubborn like that.

So, over the past several months, I’ve made several changes.

Healthier foods.

Longer walks in the mornings.  More exercise in general.

And it’s worked well – if a little slowly.  I’ve managed to drop around 40 pounds, though I’m not sure “drop” is the right word.

It’s been more of a “trickle,” I’d say.  But that’s OK – as long as the weight comes off, I’d rather do it slowly, with gradual lifestyle changes I can, well, live with.

However, it seems that for the past couple of months, I’ve hit something of a plateau.

Lose a pound, gain two.  Lose those two, gain one back.

It’s been maddening, I’ll tell you!

Now, though, you’ll recall that Peeps gave me an i-Pod, and I’ve finally started using it, mainly when I walk the dog in the mornings.

Huh.  I lost nearly 2 pounds in one week, and the only thing I did differently was walk with the i-Pod.

So I decided to actually turn it on and see what happened!

Ha!  Kidding!

You know what I’ve discovered, though?

When you move faster, you walk faster.  And farther.

And when you walk faster and farther, you lose weight.

Who knew?

Check it out!



1. judy - May 5, 2010


I love listening to the swing and the rock music in the mornings – for a flute player, I really enjoy that brass! 😆

2. Heather Solos - May 6, 2010

That is fantastic. Forty pounds? You’ve just about lost the equivalent of my 4yo and I don’t like carrying him unless I have to.
Don’t belittle your progress.

Thanks, Heather. I think it’s more that it’s taking SO LONG to lose the weight. Which, I guess, it will when I refuse to do anything drastic. I KNOW losing it slowly is better, and healthier, and I’m more likely to be successful, but I want it RIGHT NOW! 😉

3. Jen - May 10, 2010

You are doing great! I know how frustrating loosing weight slowly can be. I have been there before. It took me a year of working out after having each kid. Mainly because I love food so much. I have learned the only way to loose and maitain is to be realistic with goals and to change my lifestyle; otherwise, the weight comes back. Keep up the hard work and it will come. If you hit another plateau change up your workout for a few weeks to confuse your muscles. I know that sounds so strange, but it does seem to work.

Thanks for the encouragement! I know I’ll get there – it’s just time, I think, to start stepping it up a bit!

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