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You Know What They Say May 6, 2010

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. . . about good intentions, right?

I had every intention of telling you all about the most awesome recipe from this month’s Cuisine at Home – it was. . .

But no.  I’ll tell you about that later.

I was driving home from work, and the weather was absolutely spectacular – bright, blue, sunny sky, temperature right around 80°, low humidity – the LAST thing I wanted to do was sit inside and write about . . . anything.

PhotobucketSo I said to Peeps – “Let’s go on a field trip.”

Jarly was more than willing to join us, so we loaded him in the car and went for a ride.

He likes riding – usually, his rides end at swim class, but this time, we went the wrong direction for that.

And he noticed, too, and wondered what he’d gotten himself into, I think.

PhotobucketBut we finally stopped the car and got out.

Wherever could we be?

Of course, Jarly could hardly contain himself – he had to get out and smell all the smelly smells. . .

He likes smells.

Since it’s only the beginning of May, the beach isn’t officially “open” yet – which means dogs can be off-leash, even during the day!


My goodness, we haven’t been here in ages!

Let’s have some fun!

So that’s exactly what we did – Jarly met a new friend to frolic with, and we just enjoyed the sun and the sand and the perfect afternoon.

And you know, that slacker didn’t even actually swim?  The tide was too low and the water wasn’t deep enough, so he just . . . walked. . . in the water.  He still enjoyed it, though – and we enjoyed his enjoyment!


1. mazco34 - May 6, 2010

I loved the part when Jarly and friend shed the water. The reaction of other “field trippers” was priceless.

Actually, the first time they did it – when they ran right between them all and then shook, was better, but I didn’t catch that!

2. judy - May 6, 2010

Fun, fun! Loved the video. judy

Thanks, Judy! It just warms my little heart to see his tail a-waggin’ like that, you know? 😀

3. anne - May 6, 2010

That looks positively delightful!

You know, it was just one of those afternoons – beautiful weather, the water was just right (for the dog!) and all the people and other dogs were friendly – it was delightful. 🙂

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