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The Bagel Story May 13, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.
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PhotobucketI love “Everything” bagels.   The seeds and the salt and the garlic and onions – it’s great, isn’t it? 

And as an aside, when I stop in the bagel shop for my Friday Morning Indulgence, there’s no question whatsoever when the Everything bagels are still warm!

Speaking of my Friday Morning Bagel, I discovered something a couple of weeks ago.


Let me backtrack.  First, I realized a while ago that it’s just silly for me to pay an extra dollar (!) for half a scoop of light cream cheese on my bagel (gotta watch those calories, you know!)  when I’m taking my bagel less than 2 miles down the street to my office.  So I picked up a tub of light spreadable cream cheese to keep in the fridge at the office, and I just ask the nice bagel lady to slice the bagel for me on the nifty bagel guillotine thingy.

Seems reasonable, right?

Then, one morning a couple of weeks ago, I was paying for my order, and the manager only charged me 99 cents – no 8% sales tax. (Yes, 8 percent.  This is New York!)  So, apparently incapable of leaving well enough alone, I asked her about it.

PhotobucketDo you know what she said?

Of course you don’t.

She asked me if I’d had the bagel sliced.

It seems that, if they slice the bagel FOR ME, it’s taxable, but if they don’t, and I just rip into it like some kind of barbarian, I don’t have to pay the extra 8 cents to the People’s Republic of New York.

Yeah.  Really.

I have a sharp knife at the office, and Governor Dave isn’t getting any more money from me than what’s absolutely necessary.

PhotobucketConfiscatory taxes not withstanding, I do still love the Everything bagel, no matter who slices it.  And I was thrilled when the most recent Cook’s Country magazine came with, not just a recipe for Spice-Crusted Grilled Pork Tenderloin, but also a direction to Cook’s Country’s website for “extras” – specifically the variation of “Everything Bagel-Crusted Pork Tenderloin!”

I’m going to save myself the trouble of retyping the recipe – and you the risk of mistakes.   Just click on the link and print the recipe.  You’ll be happy you did.

It’s actually pretty simple.  Basically, you’re going to combine your “everything.”

Coat your pork tenderloins.



Then, you know, grill them.

Don’t overcook ’em.

And enjoy.  Ideally with plenty of vegetables, but we like a little rice, too.

And that’s it.  For more precision, refer to linked directions above.

But wait, there’s more!  Here’s something they didn’t tell you about there at Cook’s Country!

What about the leftovers?


After all, this makes enough Everything crust for 2 pork tenderloins, which will (should) be 6 servings.  We’re only two (three when the brother’s around).

You know what you’re gonna wanna do?  Sandwiches.

ToyLady’s Pork Tenderloin Everything Bagel Grilled Sandwiches.


You take a couple of slices of bread, spread a little soft butter (or mayonnaise) on one side of each slice – the outside.

Then smear cream cheese (low-fat!) on the other side of one slice.  Add 2 or 3 slices of leftover grilled pork tenderloin, and make a pork-and-cream-cheese sandwich.  Yum, huh?


Stick it in the waffle iron until the bread is crisp and browned (or until the iron thinks the waffle is done).

Serve to your husband after a rough Saturday morning at work.  Or enjoy it for yourself.  Either way.


1. Barb Cooper - May 13, 2010

I am so making this for dinner. And maybe breakfast.

Dude. It was so good. And I don’t know what happened to the rest if the leftovers. . . 😕

2. judy - May 13, 2010

yum….. loved the waffle iron idea too.

Oh, I have a feeling my old waffle iron is going to be seeing a lot of action!

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