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Monday Musings: 05.17.2010 Edition May 17, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in random stuff.

And another weekend comes to a close, bringing with it another Monday – and another few moments of reflection.


The herb garden is certainly looking happy enough, isn’t it?  The chives are blossoming beautifully, the sage is even getting flowers, and the tarragon, well, that’s just crazy.

What did I ever do without a fresh herb garden?



We got the Sunday paper this morning, and it was encased in the plastic advertising sleeve – what we’ve been known to refer to as the “newspaper condom.”

It looks like the company that’s advertising this week is called “Bimbo.”

And there’s even a coupon for $1 off 2 Bimbo products!  Um. . . pass.


Oh, but hey, turn the wrapper over, and I see the directive to “Say Beembo!”

Um, no.  It’s spelled “bimbo” so “bimbo” is what it is.

You would think a major conglomerate like Bimbo Bakeries would have come up with a better name – at least something they have to tell people how to pronounce.



Last week, we bought 10 pounds each of chicken breasts and chicken thigh quarters – so I ended up boning and skinning 20 pounds of chicken, which is a lot of bones and, um, other stuff.

I took the bones and other chicken stuff, along with some leek tops and other vegetable trimmings, a couple of onions, carrots and some celery, and ultimately, we canned 15 pints of chicken stock.  That, along with the last batch, should keep us going for a couple of months, I think.


PhotobucketWe picked up some ribs on sale this week – St. Louis-style ribs, which, Peeps assures me, are different than regular old spare ribs and even baby back ribs.

I love when he makes a spice rub – it always looks like sand art in the jar, doesn’t it?

But then, he mixes it all up and the fun is over.



You know, I am convinced that the minute the dog goes to take his morning nap, the cat comes out just because she can!

This was Saturday morning – I’d started sorting through one of the book cases while the dog went upstairs and slept off our morning walk.

If it’s not him following me around, it’s her!



Of course, I don’t know if the kitty realized that she was comfortably lounging in almost the exact spot where the dog had been enjoying his new toy the evening before!

We fill the toy with some kibble, a bit of cheese, and maybe some cream cheese or something yummy, and he’ll spend a good half hour or so working every bit of tasty goodness out – drooling and slobbering and snorting and, well, oinking the whole time!



Tried cardoons for the first time last week.  They were not half bad!

However, there was quite a bit of fussing with them – we had to par-boil them for 20 minutes or so, drain them, bread them, THEN fry them.

I’d have to say – given the amount of work involved, they weren’t worth it.  But if someone else were doing the work, I’d eat them again!



On the other hand, there is very little simpler – and tastier – than locally-grown fresh asparagus!  A little olive oil, salt and pepper, and into a nice hot oven until the spears are tender -yum!

We also like to grill asparagus, essentially the same way, when we’re in the mood to make sure it doesn’t fall through the grill grates.  Either way – it’s a great side dish with just about anything!


Don’t forget this week is the Third Thursday of the month!  (Yay me!  I actually remembered this month!)


Please feel free to join us for this month’s Third Thursday event – just “borrow” a recipe (or any other technique) from someone else’s blog and tell us about it!

Complete details are here, and remember, the more the merrier!



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  As May creeps by, the weather is gradually becoming more and more summer-like, which is just the way I like it.  (Except, you know, when it gets cold and we do more soups and stews and warm-up-the-house meals, of course!)


Monday –  Assuming decent grilling weather, Peeps will be smoking the ribs he rubbed Sunday.  And since it ribs, we’ve got to do some macaroni salad, don’t we?

Tuesday – Although the week looks so great, there are still some clouds (and rain) in the forecast.  We’re going to try a corn and sweet potato chowder based on this one – we’ll be able to used up a couple of sweet potatoes that were hanging around, along with some grilled corn from last fall and some roasted turkey breast – how much better does it get?

Wednesday – We’re hoping that we’ll be able to manage Spicy Black Bean Cakes on the grill – hoping they won’t fall apart, otherwise we’ll be left with just grilled potato wedges.  Oh, and I’m planning to do something the green beans that I keep forgetting about, too, before it’s too late.

Thursday – I picked up some French green lentils a while back and have been wanting to try them, but we really wanted to do them with something fairly simple, so we’re simply going to skewer some chicken tenders, maybe with some sage leaves, and grill them.  We’ll serve the chicken with Emeril’s Quick French Lentils and some of the roasted vegetables I stashed in the freezer (squash, definitely, and maybe I can sneak some beets in too).

Friday – Pizza night – the evening Peeps gets to show off his mad pizza-tossing skills, and the dog gets to give his tongue a workout getting the treats out of his Kong toy. . . and fun is had by all!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. SnoWhite - May 17, 2010

Looks like some great weather for spring/summer foods on your menu!!

Yes. . . it’s been such a looong winter! Of course, I say that every year. 😕

2. judy - May 17, 2010

The herbs are looking GREAT. SO are the CAT and DOG. I know you love being able to grill again. My DD feels the same way.

I am thrilled that “my” hummers have found me again. My cats nearly went through the screen door when they saw them at the feeder and then remembered: oh, this is old news.

Have a great week.


Oh, I’ll bet your cats love seeing the birds hanging outside, don’t they? Heck, on the rare occasions our kitty comes upstairs during the day, she’ll sit in front of the glass door, watching the birds and the squirrels, with her tall just a-twitching. . .

3. sjbraun - May 17, 2010

Love your cute pets 🙂
I got a laugh out of the Bimbo bread too … someone posted that name on a deals/coupon forum I read, and then today at the store I saw a loaf with my own eyes – what a name for a company, regardless of its origin!!
I am hoping to get a post pulled together for Third Thursday!!

Aw, thanks! I just wish they’d TRY being in the same room once in a while. . . 🙄
And I look forward to seeing what you do for Third Thursday. Heck, I kind of look forward to seeing what I do. . . just not feeling to organized this week, I guess. 😕

4. Leah - May 19, 2010

So, I got a question about canning chicken broth. Do you pressure can it or water bath? I am still learning how to can stuff and the manual that came with my pressure canner is useless. So if your pressure canning pints of broth, what amount of pressure and how long?

Thanks 🙂

Hi, Leah. I know what you mean about the canner’s manual – I use the Ball Blue Book – it’s got pretty much everything I need to know! That said, we do pressure can the chicken stock – pints are 20 minutes at 10 pounds. And it is SO worth the trouble, too!

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