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Slightly alarming May 21, 2010

Posted by Peeps in Home, random stuff.

We had to replace a somewhat important household appliance this past week.

Several years ago, Toys found an interesting thing.  A clock radio with a built-in cordless phone.  She was very happy with it.    It took up much less room on the bedside table, and she approves of such things.  It worked quite well for several years, then died.

While looking to replace it, we found several similar items from different manufacturers.  But not the same one we’d already owned.  So, after looking over all the reviews and weighing all our options, we bought another one.  And it wasn’t great.

The phone in the unit quit working reliably a little over a year ago.  Which really wasn’t too big a deal.  People seldom call us.  And we really don’t particularly want them calling when we’re sleeping.    But then, a few weeks ago it started to get worse.

The clock had dual alarms, which is a really nice feature.  Unfortunately, trying to wake up to the radio was starting to become a chore.  We kept having to rest the station and we’d generally get far more static than radio.

So, we went shopping last weekend.  No, we didn’t bother doing any research this time.  We figured there really wasn’t any point.  Nothing is built to last any more.  Long ago, goods were constructed with more care and better materials.  And even if they did break, there were people who actually made their living repairing things. In this age of disposable everything, I find myself missing well made machinery.

Regardless, we headed out and looked to spend as little money as we could get away with.  We ended up getting a phone and a clock radio.  The total of the two things was about the same as a one piece unit would cost with shipping.  And not take a week to get here.

Just before bed time Monday, we unboxed and set up our new purchases.  The phone just plugged in.  Fine.  It was a cheap phone, but as long as it works, neither of us cares.  The clock radio took a bit of figuring out, but we got it all set up, put the old unit on the dresser to be disposed of in the morning and went to sleep.

Until about 1:00 in the morning.  When the old clock radio started going off.  It took us a while to figure out what exactly was making all the noise, but we found it.  We think that the battery backup was sounding because the unit had been unplugged so long.  Whatever.  Toys managed to shut the silly thing off.  And we tried to go back to sleep.  And it went off again in about half an hour.  Crap.  But that was it.  It didn’t go off again the rest of the night.

Tuesday night rolled around.  We hadn’t yet actually got around to throwing out the old clock radio.  We don’t get upstairs much during the day.  But we put it outside the bedroom, intending to get rid of it in the morning.  Sometimes, putting stuff off just doesn’t work out.

It was about 2:00 when it went off this time.  We tried to ignore it, because it wasn’t in the room with us.  Not so much.  Toys finally got up, shut the blasted thing off and went downstairs with it.  I heard the front door open, then close.  Then she came back to bed.  She’d left it on the front porch.  And she promptly went back to sleep.

I wish I had.  Because half an hour later, I heard a faint beeping sound.  Did I mention that our bedroom window is right above the porch?  But I’ll bet you already figured that out.  I tried ignoring it.  Really, I tried.  But it was just too much.  I got up, went outside, shut the damn thing off, and shoved it into the garbage wheelie bin.  I think I fell back asleep about an hour before I had to get up for work.

Needless to say, we’ve been pretty tired this week.  And apparently, my brother-in-law said that he heard a beeping sound outside late Wednesday night when he went outside to have a smoke.

In the future, I will be much more diligent about throwing away anything that’s designed to make noise.



1. mazco34 - May 21, 2010


Silly man. Don’t you know to use the neighbors’ garbage bin for items like that? Not your good neighbors. The ones who throw parties until 2:00 am, or the ones who have had the SWAT team visit. Save your annoying trash for them.

2. Peeps - May 24, 2010

The neighbors I would consider doing this to live a little far away to contemplate the idea of trying to find their trash in the middle of the night. Barefoot. When I just want to sleep. But I get the idea.

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