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Monday Musings: 05.24.2010 May 24, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Musings, random stuff.

My clematis is just starting to blossom – yay!


A few years ago, we picked up several plants and planted them around the lamp-post in the front yard, then, last year, after several other ideas, we finally got the bright idea to wrap the post with chicken-wire for the vine to climb.

It seems to be working.  I can’t wait until it’s completely covering the post and draping itself over the cross-bars.  Won’t that be cool?



Kitty had a doctor’s appointment this week – she’s doing very well.

Since her last checkup a year ago, she’s gone from nearly 20 pounds to just over 12.  The vet was suitably impressed!

She’s re-gained some of her confidence, even to the point where she’ll bask in the sun, even though she knows the dog is awake and just in the next room.

You go, kitty!


So I’m walking the dog the other morning.


We turned down one street, and we got to a house where, not only one car was blocking one part of the sidewalk, there was a truck blocking the sidewalk from the other side, and a Hummer parked on the yard – they were blocking something in.

So Jarly and I had to see what it was – and it was someone’s shiny red Dodge Viper.

Seriously?  If I’d had one with me, I’d have left him a note.


Then, the very same day, I had to wait for a duck to cross the street on my way to work.

A duck.  Walking across the street.

Why yes, it did, in fact, shape up to be one of those days.




Speaking of shaping up.  The garden is shaping up nicely.  My fennel is up, as is the chard.

The lettuce is just about ready to start harvesting – probably just as soon as we finish the head of romaine I got at the market this weekend.

The spinach?  Is lame.  I don’t know what the deal is with that, but in another couple of weeks, I’m going to go ahead and replace it with a later crop of green beans.  I’ve got the row all marked out for it, too.



My “black” irises are finally in full swing.  I planted white, burgundy and black, hoping they’d make a striking display.  Turns out they blossom one at a time – white, then burgundy, then black.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get a little overlap, but never all three colors at the same time.

I think I’m going to move all the irises this summer and replace them with poppies.

Big red ones.

I like poppies, especially when they don’t make you sleepy. . .


That whole alarm clock thing is just out of control!


Since the clock-radio-phone finally made it to the outside trash barrel last week, it’s still attempted to sound several times.

However, now it’s reduced to an occasional beep, mainly when the bin gets jostled.


Throwing out plant containers – “beep.”

Tossing an empty potting soil bag – “beep.”

Walking by and shaking the trash can – “beep.”



I made a great batch of granola this weekend – I included a couple of bananas, a mess of peanut butter, some honey and cinnamon, and a bunch of peanuts.  Once the granola had cooled, I stirred in some dates this time.

It could have done with a smaller pinch of salt, but it was still good – and this time, I managed to get it to clump!

Yes, I love my granola.  Nothin’ wrong with that.



And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  With summer almost in “full swing,” as it were, well, our menu will certainly reflect that!  It’s shaping up to be a GOR-GEE-OUS week!


Monday – Remember how I told you that I subscribe to the Kalofagas blog?  Well, last week, Peter posted yet another can’t-resist recipe for pork souvlaki.  We’re also going to try our hand at some homemade pita bread and, of course, some Greek-style dressing to go on a crisp salad!

Tuesday – We did get a whole pork shoulder for the souvlaki, and we only used a couple of pounds, so . . . Peeps snagged it to make Italian sausage (we’re going to try  actual links this time!), which will also be lovely on the grill, along with some fries and some green beans I picked up at the market.

Wednesday – Although it’s (almost) beach season, we’re still trying to keep up with swim class.  This week, though, rather than soup, we’re going to make, essentially,  black bean salsa chicken in the slow cooker – a recipe that we’ve always enjoyed – we’ll use up the rest of last year’s frozen corn, a jar of our homemade salsa, and the rest of the beans we cooked for last week’s bean burgers.

Thursday –  In our never-ending quest to clean out the freezer, we found a container of jambalaya – which will make an awesome, quick dinner – just cook a batch of rice, heat the “sauce” and stir together.  A baguette, and we will be good to go!

Friday – Again, it’s pizza night.  It looks like Surly Boy will be coming home for the long weekend, and he may be home as early as Friday – he will certainly enjoy pizza night again!

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. judy - May 24, 2010

EVERYTHING is looking great. I liked the climbing vine idea with the chicken wire. Will have to tell DD about that.

It goes without saying I loved the update and wonderful picture of the KITTY. She does look super.

Enjoy the visit with Surly Boy. I bet he is looking forward to some great home cooking.


Hi, Jude. Kitty is looking pretty comfy there, isn’t she? She’s just getting bolder and bolder . . . good for her!

2. mazco34 - May 24, 2010

Chicken wire around the pole. That’s, that’s brilliant! I have 3 strings tied from the bottom up. I also tied a few stings going across to get a better wrap effect. I can’t wait until next year to try the chickien wire.

Do you cut yours all the way down every year?

We tried the string thing, and eventually, it always gives out. I don’t know, maybe it wasn’t the right kind of twine. But yeah, the idea is that the chicken wire will eventually be covered by the plant anyway . . . and no, I haven’t actually cut the vine down. I know that some clematis should be cut all the way back to nothing in the fall, and some shouldn’t, and that there’s an actual way to tell which is which. And in the fall, I can never find the information, so I just leave it. 🙄 But hey, so far so good, right?

3. anne - May 24, 2010

Is it too late to suggest that you take the battery out of the clock? Oh, right, the trash guys have already solved the problem.

You leave clematis in the ground up there up yonder?? Here in the humid belt, we’re supposed to dig them up and winter them in the garage. Riiiiiiiiiiight. Now how do we explain that? Maybe they just do better under 5′ of snow?

Well, the backup batteries were in some sort of childproof, screwed-down compartment, I think. A little much to try to figure in the middle of the night, half-asleep, by the light of the bathroom nightlight with nothing but by fingernails and teeth. . . yeah, it was a good thought. But schlepping the thing downstairs and tossing it out the door was actually easier.

And HA! You think you’re kidding about the 5 feet of snow, don’t you? Yeah, well, my clematis is climbing the lamppost that’s in the corner of the yard and gets the bulk of the snow shoveled from the walkway AND the driveway, so, yeah, 5 feet is actually pretty accurate. 😀

4. Leah - May 25, 2010

Your garden is looking quite nice already. I was able to find Broccoli Rabe seeds and they are already coming up but my lettuce is laming out so I will have to replant it. Have you tried planting New Zealand Spinach? I like it better then regular spinach because it doesn’t bolt in hot weather and can be harvested all summer long, the leaves just grow right back 🙂

Leah, good for you and the broccoli rabe! And no, I haven’t tried that variety of spinach – I’ll remember that for next year. I’ve always just considered spinach, like peas and, to some extent, lettuce, to be an early crop – it’ll get replaced with a row of late green beans. But hey, if I can have spinach and beans – all the better! Thanks for the tip!

5. sjbraun - May 28, 2010

Your clematis looks just like mine – blossoms, color, etc – I’ve had it for years and years, and it was definitely a good investment 🙂

Good for kitty! Wish I could follow her example!

Well. . . I guess, maybe, if you move into the basement, run up the stairs every time someone comes into the kitchen, and back down again if it’s someone you don’t like. . . though I’m starting to think she likes the solitude most of the time.

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