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Attack of the Killer Tarragon June 10, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in Cooking, Food, Garden, random stuff.

I may have mentioned this a time or two.

The tarragon is trying to take over the herb garden.

PhotobucketDon’t get me wrong – I do love tarragon.

We’ve done the classic tarragon-in-scrambled-eggs, and it is THE YUM.

Chicken sauteed in tarragon butter.   Oh. My. Gourds.

And of course, there’s bearnaise.  But honestly, one can only ingest just so much butter and egg yolk before, well, before one dies.

PhotobucketSo clearly, I’ve got to do something with the bushels of tarragon that are coming from the garden, and preferably something that won’t kill me.  To death.

So I guess it’s time for some chicken salad.

Only with turkey – we’ve got a roasted turkey breast in the freezer that’s Just The Thing.


Once I’d chopped the meat up, I went out to the garden for a couple of sprigs of tarragon and a bunch of chives – chives bring a lot to the party, don’t they?

Ha.  Not as much as tarragon does, though!

Thing to remember:  a little tarragon goes a long way.

I’m just saying – don’t be fooled by those delicate little leaves.


Now you know that I am a Hellman’s gal – I love my mayonnaise.

But do you know what mayonnaise is?  It’s egg yolks and oil.

Read:  Fat.

And even though I’ve switched to Hellman’s Light, it’s still fat. Just a little less of it, that’s all.

So here’s a little secret – your mayo can be cut with yogurt.

PhotobucketYou read that right.  Imagine you take a good-sized spoonful of Hellman’s and you get all that slick, fatty goodness that you so love in your mayonnaise-based  salads.  Then you take some non-fat plain yogurt and stir that in – after you’ve drained it for a few hours.  You don’t want it getting watery, do you?

All the moisture and spreadability of a chicken (or turkey) salad, with a fraction of the fat!

PhotobucketA squeeze of Dijon mustard, a handful of chopped almonds, a pinch of salt and some white pepper, along with a couple of leaves of lettuce, and you’ve got the makings of a great sandwich.

Just remember – a little tarragon goes a long way.

So here’s another tip for you – if, like me, you go overboard trying to do something – anything! – with your tarragon, a slice or two of avocado on your sandwich will tame that nicely.

And don’t worry – avocado is full of GOOD fat!

See?  We’re all good. . .


1. judy - June 10, 2010

That seems to be to be a sandwich made in heaven! YUM

Nah, just my kitchen. 😉

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