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Monday Musings: 06.28.2010 Edition June 28, 2010

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Happy Monday!

Before I go any further, I HAD to share my latest baby tomato photo!

I planted 10 tomato plants this year (down from 14 last year!) – 6 San Marzano (roma) tomatoes, 3 different heirloom slicing tomatoes (2 early and 1 later), and a late beefsteak hybrid called Big Beef.  This is the Big Beef – they obviously need the extra time to grow and ripen . . . I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes!

Soon, my pretties. . .



And, since I was outside anyway, here’s a gratuitous picture of the daylilies!

Peeps and I put the lily bed in about 5 years ago (actually, it was the year we were married!) – we bought several plants from the Rochester Area Daylily Society and they’re finally starting to really fill in!


I hate thinning vegetables in the garden.  I mean, you’ve got two or three plants established, and you have to select one to keep – and the others get pitched.  It just seems like such a waste.


I usually end up waiting far too long, then try to salvage the “pitched” plants – like these fennel plants.

I’ve never grown fennel, and I have no idea when or how it actually forms the bulbs, but these little guys still have all the flavor of their full-grown counterparts.  So I washed them, chopped the bottom parts (the tops went into the freezer for stock!), and we’ll do something with them next weekend.



Kitty in the window.

She is finally, after over 2 years, starting to settle down about the dog.

She still doesn’t want to be in the same room with him (of course!) but at least she doesn’t lose her furry little mind every time she hears him!

And just the other morning, I was feeding her a treat with one hand, and petting the dog with the other – and they were both OK with it!



The green beans are also starting to blossom!

I’m gonna have MAD green beans this year, I think.  The bushes are HUGE and LOADED with buds!  I had planned a second crop – to go in once the lettuce is done, but at this rate, I don’t know.

I wonder if I can make green bean pesto? ? ?


It’s time for our semi-occasional feature – Shopping With Peeps!


We were in the Goya aisle – I  had used up the last of the black beans Saturday (black bean and sweet potato burritos – YUMMY!) and needed to pick up more.

I noticed a display of potato mashers right there by the beans, and I thought to myself “how clever – that’s what we use for making refried beans too!”


Why no, actually not.  They weren’t potato mashers – they were BEAN mashers!

Um, a special tool for mashing beans – because the potato masher just won’t work?


Unitasker, anyone?

Although, I suppose it could be argued that the potato masher is also a unitasker, couldn’t it?  Except that I use mine for BEANS too!



So Peeps and I gathered around the table with our pile of freshly dried oregano.

It was kind of weird to be sorting through the dried . . . oregano, picking out stems and all.

Especially when KISS came on the radio.

But at least it wasn’t Pink Floyd.




And once again, it’s time for the weekly menu plan.  It’s officially summer, and the weather shows it – most of the time, anyway!  We’re still working on clearing out the freezer, with the added bonus of using fresh produce – from the public market and the garden – mainly salad from the garden at this point, but still. . .


Monday – We’ll be doing a pasta dish with beet greens, yogurt cheese and roasted grape tomatoes (yes, I bought them, and no, my own tomatoes aren’t going to be ready for at least a couple of weeks) – but I’ve been looking forward to this!

Tuesday – We picked up mahi-mahi on sale, so we’ll be grilling some of that.  We’ve got some Dijon-honey sauce left from last week’s salmon which will work nicely with the mild white fish.  Along with some brown basmati rice and steamed broccoli, it’ll be a perfect, healthy meal.

Wednesday – Since it’s looking like it’s going to be kind of chilly, we decided to do breakfast for dinner.  We unearthed a package of frozen biscuits in the freezer (sale + double coupons = offer I can’t refuse!) – we’ll use Peeps’s homemade breakfast sausage (also from the freezer) for sausage gravy, and maybe even make hash browns.  (I’m still trying to persuade him that fresh fruit would be perfect with sausage gravy!)

Thursday – You know what we haven’t had in ages?  Burgers, that’s what!  We had a package of “beef for grinding” in the freezer, so we pulled that out and we’ll enjoy burgers with some garden-fresh salad and maybe fries.  After all, it is summer!

Friday – And it’s pizza night – I don’t know what I’ll put on mine yet – I’m kind of leaning toward something “different” – maybe goat cheese?

Be sure to click on over to The Organizing Junkie’s Monday Menu Plan post for loads and loads of other ideas.





1. FoodontheTable - June 28, 2010

Your tomato plants are coming along! You’ll be so happy when they ripen. Looks like a great menu this week!

Thanks! You know, I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought a couple of tomatoes at the market – they were fresh and local, but they still weren’t the same as my own! 😆

2. anne - June 28, 2010

Green bean pesto .. um .. eww. Otherwise, I’m insanely jealous of your garden. I have four tomato plants (remember, I live in the woods) in pots. I have a sum total of one tomato. Woo hoo!! I’m terribly busy looking up recipes for my tomato.

Well. . . I’ve heard of asparagus pesto – how much worse could it be with green beans?

I had tomatoes in pots the first year, and they did OK – not as many as in an actual garden, but tomatoes are tomatoes, right?

And oh, Anne, you should use your one basil plant and make a wee little pot of sauce! 😆

3. Debbie - June 28, 2010

We used to grow 33 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes. Our all-time favorite had to be the Cherokee Purple. We LOVE them:) Come join me for What’s On the Menu Wednesday this week. I’d love to see you there

I have always been a jetstar gal, myself – but this year, I decided to try something different. We’ll see. . . 😀

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