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Really? July 2, 2010

Posted by Peeps in random stuff.

Trendy things annoy me.  I can’t help it.  And I don’t really try all that hard.

People are such sheep.  They seize the latest fashionable thing and run with it.  Remember the cigar craze?  When everyone was buying and showing off the most expensive cigars they could afford?  It was annoying.  And it smelled horrible.  Fortunately, Bill Clinton pretty much ended that.

Trendy food and beverages are the worst, though.  I remember the schnapps explosion during the 80s.  Seemingly overnight, schnapps went from just peppermint flavored to ridiculous.  Peach, root beer, grape, strawberry.  It was awful.  And people were lapping it up as if there was no tomorrow.  And it lasted way too long.

It happened with martinis, too.  Everyone started drinking martini variations all over the place, just to be cool and hip and interesting.  I heard an ad a year or so ago for a local place that offered something like thirty different martinis.  There are actually two kinds, gin or vodka.  End of story.  That one hasn’t quite gone away yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

But the one currently hacking me off is the slider craze.

When I was young, a slider was a not overly nice word for a greasy little hamburger, pretty much exclusively sold at White Castle.  A few years ago, I started seeing the word here and there.  The judging from context, they meant a small burger.  Okay, I suppose I can deal with that.  Remember when Burger King had the Burger Buddys out?  Same concept, just not as good.

But then, in the past year or so, everywhere I look there are sliders on the menu.  And not just cheap burger joints, either.  Seriously upscale restaurants have started serving sliders.  And somewhere along the way, it got worse.

They’ve changed.  What started as a small, cheap burger has gotten ridiculous.  There are places selling Wagyu sliders.  And it’s even worse than that.  There are all kinds of places selling any sort of small sandwich and calling it a slider.

I’ve seen things like tuna sliders, barbecue pork sliders, portobello mushroom freaking sliders.  Even Wegman’s has jumped on the slider bandwagon.  They have both uncooked sliders and slider rolls in their circular.

It needs to stop.  People need to stop trying to be trendy and start having backbones.   And they need to stop taking already good things and ruining them.  There, I feel a little better now.



1. judy - July 3, 2010

Oh my! Time for BBQ and cold summer drinks? I just hate it when I have a day, week, month? like that. You guys have a great 4th.

Peeps - July 5, 2010

It’s always time for a refreshing beverage! I just needed to get that out, that’s all.

2. Bee - July 4, 2010

You forgot about the Cupcake Craze which has been sweeping the sheep off their feet for the past several years and shows no signs of stopping. Both of “y’use”, have a great July 4th and keep on writing!

Peeps - July 5, 2010

I’d forgotten about the cupcake thing, as I haven’t worked in an office in quite a while now. And really, while it’s possible to overdo cupcakes, they’re pretty much always a good thing.

3. Laurel - July 4, 2010

I agree about the sliders. I am seeing them on menus everywhere as well and wondering why the heck they want to take over that name? The name was perfect for the White Castle burgers. It does not fit with other, more fru-fru products.

Peeps - July 5, 2010

It’s a marketing ploy. It’s a short, catchy name that they’ve redefined to cover as much ground as possible. And it’s wrong.

4. The Saved Quarter - July 7, 2010

I agree on the sliders trend. As a Californian, without White Castle, these are a fairly new concept to me. They’re everywhere!

Cupcakes are wonderful. There is even a cupcake store that recently opened nearby, with all manner of delicious baked treats in single-serve portions. What I don’t get is 5 TV shows about making cakes and cupcakes. Is there really that much to say about baking?

Peeps - July 7, 2010

There’s lots to say about baking, even though it’s way closer to chemistry than art. But five shows may be a little much.

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