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Family Time July 7, 2010

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Peeps’s mom made it into town – though the train was a couple of hours late.

And yes, it was the right train!  😉

Things are, as usual, hectic – blogging will likely be a little spotty for a couple of days, though we hope to get back to normal soon.

Or, you know, what passes for normal around here, anyway.

So in the meantime, I share with you with what has become one of my favorite i-Pod walking songs:

Also, if you’d like to walk along with us, the song is still available as a  FREE! download from Amazon (that’s where  I got it).

Check it out HERE.   Hey, I’ve gotta give you something, right?

Have a great week, and we’ll be in and out.


1. mazco34 - July 7, 2010

So, how was “Mother” after the train ride?

Have a fun week. Tell the retiree that her sunny attitude is greatly missed.

Oh, they were both a bit frazzled. . . and the dog is, sadly, not yet comfortable with that famous sunny attitude. 😕

2. sjbraun - July 7, 2010

Hi! Checking in; with the kids home I have way less time to read blogs – is that good or bad? Anyway, I hope you have a nice week with MIL visiting – again, I know that such visits can be both good and bad too 🙂 Do I take it that MIL lives out of town, and is now looking for a house in your town? I hope things go well for you all!
Stay cool!

Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to tell, isn’t it?

MIL is still living in NJ, but yes, she’s looking at houses up here. It’s certainly been a fun so far. . .

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