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I have No Idea August 12, 2010

Posted by Toy Lady in mirth & woe, random stuff.

This is usually Peeps’s territory, isn’t it?

I mean, here I am, the night before, sitting here with no intelligent thoughts in my head.  (Not to say that my husband doesn’t have intelligent thoughts.  Just that, well, you know.  Fridays and stuff.)

Ahem.  Anyway.

For one thing, I didn’t set out for this to be a “food blog.”   More, well, like the “tagline” says – just ramblings.  And yes, I know I manage to cover both food and rambling nicely, but still.

Anyway, if you’re just here for the food, well, sorry.  Check back next week.

So anyway.

It has been a cruddy couple of days.  Not hideous, like, anything in particular.  Just the sort of day that’s “one damn thing after another.”  All. Freaking. Week.

I’ve been the kind of busy at work where people NEED me, I don’t really need to DO much – just put out fires.

The dog WANTS to walk in the mornings, but he’s still a little limpy, and I end up arguing with him in the mornings about how much he can handle.  I don’t want to end up carrying him home.

Yes, I argue with the dog.

HIM:  I want to go THIS way

ME:  If we go this way, there’s no shortcut, and we’ll walk at least 2 miles before we get home, and that’s if we cut through the apartment complex.

HIM:  I don’t care. I wanna.

I made a pan of these cereal bars that I LOVE.

Unfortunately, while I was in the middle of making them, my camera had an unfortunate accident.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I forgot to add the oatmeal to the Grape-Nuts.  So the energy bars turned out super-sticky.

And why, you ask, did I decide to make these now?  Well, we’ve had a construction crew at our house all week.

Do you know how much the DOG loves having a crew of strangers crawling around?

Not even a little bit, that’s how much.

He has been spending his days in a near-constant state of Bark! Bark! Bark!

So the LEAST I can do is feed these guys something, right?  After all, I’ve done my share of outside work  – and I know you can use all the energy you can get.  And, you know, that’s what I do.

Are you hungry, dear?


Work has been . . . work.  Not ridiculously busy, but just enough.  Enough so that I have to sit down with my WORK calendar and a real calendar and plot 3 whole days of vacation.


I’ve been with this firm for (calculating) 12 years? 13?  I don’t even remember.

But I do know that I’ve never used all (or even close to all) of the vacation time to which I’m “entitled.”

Good deal for Mon Capitán; kind of lousy deal for me.  I’ve gotta work on that.

So that’s the kind of week it’s been.

Fun stuff, huh?



1. Mazco34 - August 12, 2010

Geez, Peeps and you really are soul-mates. In all the time that we worked together I never remember him taking more that a few days vacation at a time. He always had left over time.

Oh, believe me, I’d take vacation if I had someone to fill in for me! I just hate the thought of coming back to an unmonitored stack of who-knows-what.

2. judy - August 12, 2010

When I was the ONLY person working for the shrink if i wanted time off I had to verify insurance 2 weeks in advance, write the daily schedule of appointments, preprint insurance forms and remind the stupid doc to open the mail and secure the money in the safe. He lived in la la land. After I dared to take a week off it took me over a month to catch up and I kid you not. I was so glad when I told him I was retiring from the working world and collecting my SS! I even had to interview and hire and train my replacement! Guess I did ok as she is still there 8 years later. They make a beautiful couple.

Take your time no matter what!

I know exactly what you mean – it almost makes vacation not worth it. Almost. But that’s mostly why I seldom take more than 3 days at a time off.

I did take a whole week one time – right after I bought the house. I spent it cleaning and painting and working on the bedroom closet . . . some vacation, huh? 🙄

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